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    1. Hamza Rahman
      Hamza Rahman
      Hi i saw your question on this website about the university of london llb degree and i see that you asked it along time ago so i wont be surprised if you dont reply or use this site anymore. But if you do i would really appreciate your help, see im about to start my university of london llb degree most likely the same one as your sister did(as you mentioned in your question). My plan is to do this degree as my undergrad or bachelors and then do the juris doctorate degree from a reputable canadian law school like york or toronto university or any university for that matter. So what i want to know is that what are the chances of them accepting me in to law school based on my external degree? And how is your sisters practice going? What did she do? I would really appreciate it if you help me out a little. Very confused at the moment. Ill try to find your email and ill email you aswell. Thank you very much.
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    2. Albatross
      Hi Novemberdude,
      I am in a similar predicament as some of the folks along this thread. I have applied to be an LLB prospect at UoL, but reside in Toronto, Canada. I have a BA in Philosophy, but my GPA will not get me close to any of them. Not to mention, I dread the LSAT exam. Now my application is still under review at UoL. I expect to get a reply from them by mid October. I read along the thread, first discouraged, and then somewhat encouraged. The program is much more affordable and accessible through DL than doing full-time for sure. What's your status now?
    3. ehenes
      Hi! I know you posted some time ago about a doctoral program you were going to do that consisted of one course and then a thesis - what was the topic and school of that program? Did you complete it and, if so, would you recommend it to another person? Thank you.
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