Robert Kennedy University Accredited?

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  1. Bill Huffman

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    Re: Freedom of Choice

    I didn't say that, Roberta. But it couldn't create a monopoly anyway. The RA's are made up of the schools themselves. They are a non-profit organization that has well defined policies for how new schools can become accredited if they can meet the standard. I consider DETC accredited (but not RA) schools legit although there's a few bad apples in the barrel. I consider BJU legit and I'm sure that there's other speciality schools that aren't accredited that are totally legit.

    I don't generally refer to CA approved schools as mills but I could since they fit the definition of being substandard. I know that they are substandard because if they could meet the RA standard they would or even if they could meet the DETC standards, they would. Since they don't apply, I can safely assume that they're substandard.

    Yes I'm generalizing but it is a very safe and reasonable generalization. On the other hand you generalizing that state licensing has some real meaning when it comes to school quality is bogus and incorrect.

    The only school that is up to standard in your list is BJU. The other schools in your list are servicing a fringe population of students that either don't care about the utility of their degree or don't understand that the utility will be minimal. As I've mentioned many times before this is especially true for Bachelor's degrees. Topping off with an unaccredited degree after at least a half dozen years experience in one's chosen career I believe can more often have a little more utility. If one doesn't have at least an accredited Bachelor's degree though, it too often means that the door of opportunity isn't even open to you at many places.

    Accreditation does not drive up the cost of education. The unaccredited schools cut corners to minimize the cost of their tuition. A most expensive item in education is ensuring that the student has meet the minimal standard of knowledge required for a class. This is typically a very hard hit area for most unaccredited schools. Another area that is typically lacking is requiring the the full standard of classes for the degree.

    Your argument that RA is a monopoly doesn't make sense to me because it is not a company. It is an organization of schools that self police themselves.

    BJU is doing okay. I'm sure that some of the alumni do occasionally run into problems because their alma mater isn't accredited but I'm sure they do okay for the most part. Does this allow BJU independent thought? Not in my opinion, they would have that whether or not they were accredited. Perhaps BJU might have to temper some of their racist policies to get accredited but I think maybe they've already done that on their own.

    I predict that in 10 years you'll be singing a different tune. (assuming for the moment that you are what you claim to be rather than just a troll or a shill) The problem is that unaccredited degrees have problems with their utility.

    Should these unaccredited schools be allowed to even exist? That is a totally different question. My personal opinion is that it would probably be for the best to not allow unaccredited schools but you'll get many others here that would never propose an unaccredited school for one the common Bachelor's degrees that would probably disagree with me.

    BTW Roberta, I sincerely thank you for a most reasonable post. :)
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    Re: Freedom of Choice

    RJT's rationalizations never seem to end, nor do they ever advance. Making his choice is strictly up to him. But it gets old to answer the same misleading statements over and over again.

    He/she doesn't get it. Or does he/she? :rolleyes:
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    Re: Re: Freedom of Choice

    True but I consider it a positive change of pace for Roberta to have made a post that didn't contain at least one major untruth. Although if she goes back to the old style I must admit that my "dark side" will be pleased. So I guess that I can only be pleased no matter which way it goes. :D
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    Re: Freedom of Choice

    I should have said non-accredited, not non-RA.

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