Robert Kennedy University Accredited?

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  1. SMG

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    Thanks to reading other threads on this site, I am no longer looking into Kennedy Western University and am very interested in accredited universities. I have over 65 credit hours from UNC Charlotte and Kennesaw State University and now after a few years with work and family am looking to finish my degree. Distance learning or online learning sounds like it is right down my ally. I stumbled on to Robert Kennedy University through searching the Google site. I found quite a few other universities, but all in the 15k to 30k range. Robert Kennedy looks to be 5 to 6 thousand. Money is a big concern. Does anyone know if the European Council for Business Education that accredits Robert Kennedy is a nationally accepted institution? Will this degree transfer to USA state universities should I decide to go on with my masters? If Robert Kennedy University is a bust does anyone know of other regionally accredited economical online degree options? Thanks in advance for you responces :)
  2. DaveHayden

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    Hi SMG

    RK is definately NOT accredited. Many would consider it a degree mill. Have you had a chance to look at Excelsior, TESC, and COSC? All three are Regionally accredited, and have graduates who have gone on to earn accredited Masters' and Doctorates. Among such graduates are Tom Head, Rich Douglas and the rather conservative Steve Levicoff. :D Is there a specific field you would like to get a degree in? Is there an overall goal you are looking to achieve?
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  3. gmanmikey

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    Short answer: avoid Robert Kennedy University. Use this boards search function with the words "Robert Kennedy" to find out why. I understand cost being an important issue, but you also want to earn a useful degree for the money you spend.
  4. SMG

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    To Dave

    Dave and G Man thanks for your replies. To Dave: To I will check out those three schools, I have just started looking into this. My field of study is a BS in Business Admin. with a concentration in either sales or marketing. Although I have been told I do not need a degree to advance at my company, I have to believe it wouldn't hurt and most all senior staff has a masters so ultimately I would like to obtain my MBA as well. I also want to get the degree so my kids don't have an excuse not to finish college which I feel is extremely important. I consider myself very fortunate to have the job I have today with out a degree!
  5. DaveHayden

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    Re: To Dave

    If you are looking at relatively fast, reasonably inexpensive and accredited in the business arena, I would look at Excelsior and TESC. There are many other choices worth considering that are not as cheap or quick. I would make sure what ever school you choose is Regionally Accredited. I might also look at local state university in my area. I hope this is of some help. Good luck.
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    All the best, SMG. I'm in a similiar position to you, except I was told I would need a degree to advance. I also want to show my son, now entering 8th grade, that education is important. Check out the old posts to this board and research some of the pointers given. I think you can find a good business admin. program that will work for you. Attending school, even distance ed school, with a family and full time job can be "interesting" but it is possible to succeed.
  7. Gus Sainz

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  8. Gary Rients

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    Gus' site is your best resource for information on schools where you can finish your undergraduate business degree. You should also read the information on Lawrie Miller's BA in 4 Weeks site. Even if you don't want to follow that exact model, the site still provides valuable information about using exams to complete a degree.
  9. Guest

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    I agree with the other that RKU may not be you best option :D

    I believe that liberty U has distance learning degrees in business. No religious requirements for off campus students and they have a real bricks & mortar campus. Fairly affordable.

  10. RJT

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    Initially, the concept of a Swiss based education appealed to me, however, I could'nt get past the name. It sounds as if RFK founded it, or, they founded the school in his memory. In actuality, it's named after some guy in NY.

    I've also read threads where they've used aggressive recruitment tatics to folks who have expressed an interest.

    Finally, I printed out thier online catalog, and it was filled with typos and I guess, seeking to wite with a European flair.

    The combined factors turned me away. I am now pursuing my education via a CA approved school.

  11. Mike Albrecht

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    Re: RFK?

    ???What happened to K-WU??? I thought you were going there? And if so when did they get CA approved?? Oh, yeh, I forgot, truth shall set you free!
  12. RJT

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    A CA Approved School Convert


    Truth be told. I have completed my coursework at K-W to recieve the Bachelors Degree. However, my scheduled graduation is a few months off.

    In the meantime, I have applied to a number of state approved schools for the Masters Degree. I have decided to pursue a degree at a CA Approved School. Yes I realize not RA, but with the SL Degree from K-W, not many RA schools would accept (I even tried to apply to Andrew Jackson, but they'd have me do a BA program). I realize there is the H-W option, but, my employer would not recognize the non-US contential degree for reimbursement. CA approved schools would qualify.

    I still feel that I recieved a quality eduaction at K-W, and I may apply back (with their 25% off reenrollment option) for the EMBA, as it is one of the few DL EMBA's wher no classroom attendence is required.

    I do realize that there are limitations to my pursual method, but, I am not doing this to please a prospective employer, I am pursing education to increase my knowledge and sense of worth to myself. If an education satisfies this, than it is worthwhile.



    PS - It is disturbing that OR will not acknowledge CA approved schools, like CCU PW or CP. Their loss, as a great deal of smart people attend these schools, and they all have wide enrollments and acceptance in Asia, as does K-W (especially Indonesia).
  13. Guest

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    Re: A CA Approved School Convert

    I suspect that if it is true that the CA Approved schools receive acceptance in Asia that it is because of confusion over the recognition process. In Canada a school is recognized by the Provincial govt so you can see where someone in a caompany may look at say "Oh, California has given full institutional approval so it must be good to go". Same probably happens with unsavvy companies in Asia.

    Good luck with your goals.

  14. RJT

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    Asian Schools

    Thanks North. The acceptance in Asia is not only the CA schools, but it seems all schools from the US are thought of highly. Barrington, K-W, Century to name a few. It is my understanding that even Hamilton markets globally. That said, out of a wide choice of selections, aside from RA schools, CA approved seem the most legitamate. I am not sure though, why US schools are thought of so highly, when there are so may strong Asian schools - especially in India? It is alo interesting to note that most of the US SL schools - do not offer H1 Visas, and have limited scholarship availabilty. Still from internet searches, there is widespread global interest in a school based here in the US.


  15. BillDayson

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    Re: A CA Approved School Convert

    If you simply want some education for your own purposes, and if you feel that you are getting what you want, then why not just enjoy it, rather than asking all the rest of us to endorse your choices?

    Oregon does have a procedure for approving non-accredited schools, whether they are in Oregon or out of state. It's just that Oregon does not grant CA-approved schools automatic OR-acceptance, and personally I think that's wise. A few CA-approved schools are RA-quality. Most are iffy in some way, but they may have some educational value. And quite a few CA-approved schools are simply mills (often operating under religious exemptions). Oregon is right to want to take a look at them before their graduates can legally try to pass their degrees in that state.
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  16. Bill Huffman

    Bill Huffman Well-Known Member

    Re: Re: A CA Approved School Convert

    I believe the trend here in the USA is to tighten up on the unaccredited schools. Oregon is more visible with their very informative OSA website but, IIRC, Alan Contreras said that he thought other states already had similar laws making most unaccredited degrees illegal and gave New Jersey as an example. I believe it's very possible that most US based degree mills like K-W will either be driven off-shore or closed down in the next 10-20 years. A large number of states have passed strict laws regulating and even denying safe haven to unaccredited schools. Another dipscam program within the FBI is also possible.

    BTW, RJT's use of SL I believe is supposed to be an abbreviation for state licensed. For some reason he doesn't like the more common terms, unaccredited, non-accredited, non-RA, etc.
  17. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Active Member

    Re: Re: Re: A CA Approved School Convert

    Unfortunately the subject of non-accredited schools gets very low priority in California's legislature. Current major concerns are state budget, energy, and water. Until some high level state official gets shafted by one of these non-RA schools I do not think much will happen. It's one thing to enact leglislation but another to adequately fund it.
  18. Bill Huffman

    Bill Huffman Well-Known Member

    Re: Re: Re: Re: A CA Approved School Convert

    Degree Mills generally seem to get low priority in all states. California laws aren't the worst of the states though. It's kind of like a chain. The weakest links right now are probably Wyoming and Montana.

    I don't think that it needs to be expensive to make laws that work in this area. It can make some things easier and cheaper. For example the Hamilton thread talks about someone that is suing because apparently they were fired after it was discovered he had a degree from an unaccredited institution in Wyoming. He was suing to get his job back. The judge had to rule that the employer was within their rights to fire someone with a degree mill degree. In Oregon the whole mess would have been settled immediately at LESS cost because of the Oregon laws. Even better, the idiot would have been in trouble like he should be had it happened in Oregon.
  19. RJT

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    Freedom of Choice

    So I get Bill and Ian:

    What your saying is that all schools must be RA to be legit. Will not this create six monopolies - who many consider to already be soured.

    By referring to approved state licensed schools, even CA approved, as mills, in my opinion, this is what you are saying, and you are also generalizing. Have you enrolled in a CA state approved school, so you can judge their curriculum?

    Believe it or not, there are good state approved, non-RA schools, that will never by their desire to remain independent, become RA. Where does that leave the likes of Cal Pacific, or Bob Jones, or CCU? Should they be declared illegal?

    In my opinion, your stance creates all powerful accrediting agencies, who will closely govern them? The states? Can't you see that it is the RA monopoles that are driving up the cost of education? Look how much they are paying to the college sports stars. The likes of CCU and Cal Pacific - do not, therefore they remain affordable alternatives.

    Where does this position leave independent thought, of a school that is not a mill - but refuses to not become RA?

    I find value in schools like Cal Pacific, CCU, SCUPS, and yes even K-W. Let the laws of the state and economy govern, if the school holds no merit in the business world - it will go under. On the other hand ...

    Still believe in the Wild Wild West...

  20. Wes Grady

    Wes Grady New Member

    Re: Freedom of Choice

    No. The regional accreditation organizations are made up of the schools which they accredit. The North Central Association, for instance, grants accreditation to over 9,000 schools, from elementary schools to colleges and universities. Their executive board is elected from this membership.

    Accreditation is much more than looking at curriculum. It is a means by which each school is evaluated against a known standard and only those schools which meet that standard are found to be acceptable. Moreover, that standard is a moving target, always looking for ways to improve the programs and the delivery methods.

    There are a few schools, who for religious or similar reasons have elected not to be judged by the association. Those that feel that they have a higher calling and that to be judged by schools and members who do not share their individual beliefs whould tarnish their image. There are a FEW of those. CPU and CCU and the like are not in that catagory. If they could figure out a way to become RA, they would, in a New York minute.

    ??? I know that they give a lot to the college athletes, but I don't think they pay them. And what on earth does that have to do with accreditation?

    These schools survive because they find those students who either don't understand the accreditation process and value, or they confuse them into believe that they are "just as good"....and then, like you, once those people finish the program, they become walking advertisements.


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