Recommendations for Undergraduate (or Pre-MBA) Certificate Programs

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    Can anyone recommend any good Undergraduate Certificate programs in these 2 areas: Accounting and Management? I'd much like to take these certificate programs without having to work on another degeee since I am a just a Liberal Arts grad. Ideally (like in an ideal educational world), I'd like to enter a pre-MBA program that would lead to a certificate, but I'm not sure if any such programs exist. If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to advise!

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    Penn State offers the following Grad Certificates online. I believe some or all of the credits can they be applied to a PSU MBA.

    Graduate or Postbaccalaureate Certificates

    Applied Behavior Analysis for Special Education (Graduate Certificate)
    Applied Statistics (Graduate Certificate)
    Autism (Postbaccalaureate Certificate)
    Bioterrorism Preparedness (Graduate Certificate)
    Children's Literature (Graduate Certificate)
    Community and Economic Development (Postbaccalaureate Certificate)
    Disaster Readiness (Graduate Certificate)
    Distance Education (Postbaccalaureate Certificate)
    Educational Technology Integration (Postbaccalaureate Certificate)
    Family Literacy
    Geographic Information Systems (Postbaccalaureate Certificate)
    Institutional Research (Graduate Certificate)
    Project Management (Graduate Certificate)
    Reading Instruction for Special Education Certificate (RISE)
    Supply Chain and Information Systems (Graduate Certificate)
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    It depends upon the state requirements for CPA licensure. However, most states are following the AICPA recommendations of 150 credit hours, including 24 to 36 semester hours of accounting above the principles level and 24 to 39 credit hours of business courses with 6 credit hours of business law. From my understanding, most states do not require any of the 150 hours to be graduate level.
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    The 18 graduate credits (presumably within the course of one's master's degree) is for an accounting professorate. State licensure as an accountant varies. Most states nowadays follow the 150-hour rule suggested by the AICPA, though as duly noted by Mr. Lazy, in many states, that does not necessarily mean you need a master's degree. Some states allow you to sit for the CPA exam with a bachelors. And Vermont, for one, allows you to sit for the CPA exam with 60 hours, 30 of which are in accounting (with some accounting courses specifically required). BTW- My threadlink, hereinabove, leads to an accounting thread in which decimon posted a weblink to a clickable map of accounting state licensure requirements.
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    Rutgers University has an online Pre-MBA certificate that looks really nice. And it's only $1800 for the whole program.
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    Thanks for clearing that up.
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    This program looks nice but no academic credit is given, so I'm not sure if any MBA program would waive prerequisites for the Rutgers certs. Plus, most of the courses indicate that they take about 12 hours to complete (minimum) and there are 18 core courses followed by 7 electives. That adds up to about 300 hours. At the bottom of the page it states about "100 hours" to complete the program. Not sure who does their math, but I would hope their business professors are of better quality. Plus, I spoke to two different women about their project management cert and I don't think anyone anywhere has ever spoken to me so rudely. They must be Sopranos.
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    check out ETS educational testing site ..their website describes on some new pre-mba certificate exam for schools to assess students for future mba placement...

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