Reality Check for ODL

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    Download the report here:

    Universities mentioned:
    AU Athabasca University
    IGNOU Indira Gandhi National Open University
    KNO Korea National Open University
    NOUN National Open University of Nigeria
    OUA Open Universities Australia
    OUC Open University of China
    OUM Open University of Malaysia
    OUSL Open University of Sri Lanka
    SNHU Southern New Hampshire University
    UKOU The Open University
    UL University of Leicester
    UNISA University of South Africa
    UOC Open University of Catalonia
    UoP University of Phoenix
    USP University of the South Pacific
    USQ University of Southern Queensland
    UWI University of the West Indies
    WGU Western Governors University
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    So, the article concludes that DL is different. No kidding.

    I'm only one example, but my experience was different. (Again, no kidding.) But I had to produce the same outcomes on-campus students did, and was measured in the same way.
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    I believe that as with B&M the quality of the education would depend on the institution that you are attending. I had taken online courses from some universities that were a joke. On the other hand, the education provided by online programs by other universities are extremely demanding. To classify all distance learning universities as a homogenous group is a mistake.

    Regards, jfosj

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