Real Estate Finance course??? Online?

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  1. kozen

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    I am searching for online program which leads to Certificate, Diploma or Postgraduate Diploma in Real Estate Finance. Any idea which Alma Mater offers them?
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  2. Johann

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    About 12 of them here...


    There are about a dozen really good schools offering Real Estate grad programs listed here: Graduate real estate education - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Among the listings is the Wharton School -- I believe Donald Trump is a Wharton grad, and he sure seems to know something about Real Estate and the financing thereof, so something must be working right! :wink:

  3. major56

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    Plus Trump did start out with $20 million of Daddy’s money; Wharton might not have played that big of a factor in his success …
  4. major56

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    Heriot Watt University: MSc /Diploma /Certificate in Real Estate Investment and Finance
    Real Estate Investment and Finance MSc/Diploma/Certificate | What can I study? | Heriot-Watt UniversityUniversity of

    British Columbia (Sauder School of Business): DL Diploma program in Urban Land Economics
    Sauder School of Business | Real Estate Division - Diploma Program in Urban Land Economics

    Henley – University of Reading: MSc in Finance and Real Estate: Masters in Finance Distance Learning Programmes | ICMA Centre, Henley Business School
  5. NorCal

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    Wow, I didn't know that. I never really looked into his success, but I had no idea he was a silver spoon kid. I thought he was self made . . .
  6. major56

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    Not unless one considers beginning with $20MM a noteworthy entrepreneurial accomplishment …

    Reasonably Trump’s Wharton MBA would be irrelevant as regards 'self-made' success stories. Nevertheless, he has flourished by leveraging real estate and commercial building holdings with financiers (e.g., banks). :shrug:
  7. DonalyPiter

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