Question: Best CLEP and DSST for general education credits (for high school students)?

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    Hi all, like the title says: I'm looking for the most accepted CLEP/DSST exams that would provide general education credits at most colleges.

    I'm already old and have a degree, but my nieces and nephews are starting high school this year, and I've been thinking of ways to help them get a head start on college credits. I think helping them study for and pass a few CLEP and DSST exams would give them a good boost. They aren't really old enough to pick a major yet, but at least I can be sure they will get the boring GE stuff out of the way first.

    So, any recommendations and/or suggestions? Much appreciated.
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    Get them this book:

    I know, it says homeschooling, but even if your niblings aren't doing that, there's an absolute treasure trove in that book on how to amass inexpensive college credit. (The book's also good for older folks.)

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