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    One good resource for credit by examination is the Whole Ed Catalog Education - Credit By Examination .

    ADVANCED PLACEMENT EXAMS www.collegeboard.com/student/testing/ap/about.html : AP Art History, AP Biology, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Chemistry, AP Chinese Language and Culture, AP Comparitive Government and Politics, AP Computer Science A, AP Computer Science AB, AP English Language, AP English Literature, AP Environmental Science, AP European History, AP French Language, AP French Literature, AP German Language, AP German Literature, AP Human Geography, AP Italian Language and Culture, AP Japanese Language and Culture, AP Latin Literature, AP Latin: Vergil, AP Macroeconomics, AP Microeconomics, AP Music Theory, AP Physics B, AP Physics C, AP Psychology, AP Spanish Language, AP Spanish Literature, AP Statistics, AP Studio Art, AP U. S. Government and Politics, AP U. S. History, and AP World History

    COLLEGE LEVEL EXAMINATION PROGRAM Credit By Examination - CLEP and CLEP Exams | CLEP : CLEP American Government, CLEP American History I, CLEP American Literature, CLEP Analyzing and Interpreting Literature, CLEP Calculus with Elementary Functions, CLEP College Algebra, CLEP College Algebra-Trigonometry, CLEP College Level French Language, CLEP College Level German Language, CLEP College Level Spanish Language, CLEP English Composition, CLEP English Literature, CLEP Freshman College Composition, CLEP General Biology, CLEP General Chemistry, CLEP History of the United States II CLEP Human Growth and Development, CLEP Humanities, CLEP Information Systems and Computer Applications, CLEP Introduction to Educational Psychology, CLEP Introductory Business Law, CLEP Introductory Psychology, CLEP Introductory Sociology, CLEP Mathematics, CLEP Natural Sciences, CLEP Principles of Accounting, CLEP Principles of Macroeconomics, CLEP Principles of Management, CLEP Principles of Marketing, CLEP Principles of Microeconomics, CLEP Social Sciences and History, CLEP Trigonometry, CLEP Western Civilization I, and CLEP Western Civilization II

    DEFENSE ACTIVITY FOR NON-TRADITIONAL EDUCATION SUPPORT DSST | Get College Credit : DANTES Astronomy, DANTES A History of the Vietnam War, DANTES An Introduction to the Modern Middlle East, DANTES Art of the Western World, DANTES Business Law II, DANTES Business Mathematics, DANTES Criminal Justice, DANTES Environment and Humanity: Race to Save the Planet, DANTES Ethics in America, DANTES Foundations of Education, DANTES Fundamentals of College Algebra, DANTES Fundamentals of Counseling, DANTES General Anthropology, DANTES Here's To Your Health, DANTES Human/Cultural Geography, DANTES Human Resource Management, DANTES Introduction to Business, DANTES Introduction to Computing, DANTES Introduction to Law Enforcement, DANTES Introduction to World Religions, DANTES Lifespan Developmental Psychology, DANTES Management Information Systems, DANTES Money and Banking, DANTES Organizational Behavior, DANTES Personal Finance, DANTES Physical Geology, DANTES Principles of Finance, DANTES Principles of Financial Accounting, DANTES Principles of Physical Science I, DANTES Principles of Public Speaking, DANTES Principles of Statistics, DANTES Principles of Supervision, DANTES Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union, DANTES Substance Abuse, DANTES Technical Writing, DANTES The Civil War and Reconstruction, and DANTES Western Europe Since 1945

    EXCELSIOR COLLEGE EXAMINATIONS www.excelsior.edu/Excelsior_College_Examinations : ECE Abnormal Psychology, ECE Adult Nursing, ECE American Dream, ECE Anatomy and Physiology, ECE Bioethics, ECE Calculus, ECE Child Nursing, ECE Community-Focused Nursing, ECE Cultural Diversity, ECE Earth Science, ECE English Composition, ECE Fundamentals of Nursing, ECE Fundamentals of Nursing Care: Chronicity, ECE Fundamentals of Nursing Care: Health Differences, ECE Fundamentals of Nursing Care: Health Safety, ECE Fundamentals of Nursing Care: Reproductive Health, ECE Ethics: Theory & Practice, ECE Foundations of Gerontology, ECE Health Differences Across the Life Span 1, ECE Health Differences Across the Life Span 2, ECE Health Differences Across the Life Span 3 ECE Human Resource Management, ECE Introduction to Music, ECE Introduction to Psychology, ECE Juvenile Delinquency, ECE Labor Relations, ECE Life Span Developmental Psychology, ECE Literacy Instruction in the Elementary School, ECE Management in Nursing, ECE Maternal & Child Nursing, ECE Maternity Nursing, ECE Microbiology, ECE Nursing Concepts 1, ECE Nursing Concepts 2, ECE Nursing Concepts 3, ECE Nursing Concepts 4, ECE Nursing Concepts 5, ECE Nursing Concepts 6, ECE Nursing Concepts: Fundamentals Of Professional Practice, ECE Organizational Behavior, ECE Pathophysiology, ECE Physics, ECE Political Science, ECE Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing, ECE Psychology of Adulthood & Aging, ECE Religions of the World, ECE Research in Nursing, ECE Research Methods in Psychoilogy, ECE Social Psychology, ECE Transition To The Registered Professional Nurse Role, ECE World Conflicts Since 1900, and ECE World Population

    GRADUATE RECORD EXAMINATIONS ETS Home : GRE Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology, GRE Biology, GRE Chemistry, GRE Computer Science, GRE Literature in English, GRE Mathematics, GRE Physics, and GRE Psychology

    SCHOLASTIC APTITUDE TESTS II SAT - College Board - The Most Widely Used College Admission Exam : SAT II Biology (Ecological/Molecular), SAT II Chemistry, SAT II Chinese with Listening, SAT II English Literature, SAT II French, SAT II French with Listening, SAT II German, SAT II German with Listening, SAT II Italian, SAT II Japenese with Listening, SAT II Korean with Listening, SAT II Latin, SAT II Mathematics Level 1 (formerly Mathematics IC), SAT II Mathematics Level 2 (formerly Mathematics IIC), SAT II Modern Hebrew, SAT II Physics, SAT II Spanish, SAT II Spanish with Listening, SAT II U. S. History, and SAT II World History

    THOMAS EDISON COLLEGE EXAMINATION PROGRAM Thomas Edison State College: Credit By Exam : TECEP Advertising, TECEP Alcohol Abuse: Fundamental Facts, TECEP Anatomy and Physiology, TECEP Art History & Appreciation I & II, TECEP BASIC, TECEP Behavior Modification Techniques in Counseling, TECEP Business in Society, TECEP Business Policy, TECEP Channels of Distribution, TECEP General Chemistry, TECEP Community Health, TECEP Counselor Training, TECEP Cultures of the World, TECEP Introduction to Data Processing, TECEP Database Management, TECEP Introduction to the History of Film, TECEP Principles of Finance, TECEP Financial Institutions and Markets, TECEP Introduction to Human Services, TECEP Industrial Psychology, TECEP International Finance and Trade, TECEP Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining, TECEP Advanced Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining, TECEP Principles of Management, TECEP Managerial Accounting II, TECEP Marketing Communications, TECEP Marketing Management Strategy I & II, TECEP Marketing Research, TECEP Introduction to News Reporting, TECEP Introduction to Operations Management, TECEP Organization Theory and Organizational Analysis, TECEP Organizational Behavior, TECEP General Physics I & II, TECEP Introduction to Political Science, TECEP Psychology of Personality, TECEP Public Administration I, TECEP Public Relations Thought and Practice, TECEP QBASIC, TECEP Quantitative Managerial Decision-Making, TECEP Sales Management, TECEP Security Analysis and Portfolio Management. TECEP Introduction to Shakespeare, TECEP Introduction to Social Psychology, TECEP Introduction to Statistics, TECEP Substance Abuse: Fundamental Facts, TECEP Tax Accounting, TECEP Technical Writing, TECEP Introduction to the Art of the Theater, TECEP Introduction to Transactional Analysis, TECEP Women in Treatment, and TECEP Word Processing Fundamentals
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    That was supposed to read SAT II Biology E/M. The SAT II Biology can be taken either in Ecological Biology or Molecular Biology. There are certain core questions common to both and then specialized questions for either Ecological or Molecular, so you'll have to specify which before you take the exam and, apparently, one cannot take both Ecological and Molecular on the same day.
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    Please Help!

    Does anybody know if this is a complete ECE exam diet? I seem to almost half-remember, after originally posting this, going back to the Excelsior College website and seeing something about not all ECE exams being offered every semester. Please help!
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    Also FEMA Independent study courses, and I believe two of the National Fire Academy online courses can be used for credit, as well. I suppose these are considered more "Independent Study" rather than "credit by exam", but they are very popular among those who like credit by exam, and most of these can be completed relatively quickly.

    I don't know about every school, but Excelsior will accept up to 29 of these for B.S. in Liberal Studies, Charter Oak will accept all forty-one of the FEMAs, but for both schools they must be transcribed through FCC or Clackamas Comm. College.

    Thomas Edison, however, will accept 25 of the FEMAs directly from FEMA, with no need to pay the $60 per credit through Fredericks Comm. College, or $30 per credit through CCC.

    Clackamas Comm. College:http://depts.clackamas.edu/crimjust/em.htm

    http://training.fema.gov/IS/crslist.asp--FEMA FEMA Independent Study

    National Fire Academy courses: http://www.nfaonline.dhs.gov/
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    This is quite the list! Although it may seem overpowering, it is very helpful for students looking for resources just like this - in one place. Thank you for posting this.
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