Quest University - Another one bites the dust

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by AsianStew, Jul 16, 2023.

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    Interesting, I thought there was a post I created in regards to this institution closing but couldn't find that post, It's kind of sad seeing so many institutions go bust... Anyways, I happen to notice the executive staff list, so I went through their Linkedin details...

    The President actually is a Regent's College graduate! Yes, that was the entity that changed names so many times and finally ended with Excelsior University as we now know it... A few of their exec's have PhD's, how did they fail?!

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    What went wrong with Quest? B.C. politicians raise concerns about university's financial history (Alissa Thibault, CTV News Vancouver, last updated March 17, 2023)

    Earlier: Court hears allegations of 'tax fraud' linked to Quest University charities: Charities involved in university's founding deprived the Squamish school of money: researcher (Steven Chua, The Squamish Chief (newspaper), December 18, 2020)
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    It's only had two serious names, with minor changes:

    1. Regents
      1. Regents External Degree Program
      2. Regents College Degree Program
      3. Regents College (when privatized and given 3 years to change the name)
    2. Exclesior
      1. Excelsior College
      2. Excelsior University
    So, one big name change due to privatization and some variations along the way (including a very common change from college to university).
  4. Rich Douglas

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    From the announcement:

    "This action is being taken so the Board and the Executive can focus on restructuring finances and operations."

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    I guess you're being sarcastic. Colleges fail all the time. Most college executives have Ph.Ds.
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    I thought the reference to Squamish was familiar. Coastal tribe in British Columbia. Your turf Johann!
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