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    There's nothing wrong with comparison shopping. One of the things I teach in personal finance is comparison shopping. I encourage my students to comparison shop as opposed to impulse shopping. I also highlight the importance of not only comparing price but also quality. So, I tend to reinforce that cheapest isn't always the best option. Quantic's comparison is like apples and oranges. It's like comparing Hyundai prices to Telsa, Rolls-Royce, or Porsche. Of course, Hyundai is gonna be cheaper but does it have the quality and features of the other manufacturers?
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    It doesn't have those other benefits, but of course Hyundai is not going to be the one to point that out! I probably wouldn't have enrolled if it wasn't free because I needed the $10K they charge to attend Eastern, but I still think I'm getting a strong education - at least for the price. Although the price point probably piqued a lot of interest that it otherwise wouldn't, I trust that Quantic/Pedago know what they're doing as far as transitioning to this new model.

    They note that they plan to award a lot of scholarships and aggressively seek employer tuition reimbursement as an alternative to students paying out of pocket.
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    I wouldn't point it out either if I was in their position. However, a well informed consumer, like myself, would identify the distinctions. This is not to say Quantic isn't offering a solid education. Quite the opposite. I'm just a bit surprised that they would try to compare their tuition to those prestigious schools. That's all!
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    100%! If I were on the outside looking in I'd be rolling my eyes but it's all good.

    On an unrelated note I found the Quantic 2020 Consumer Disclosure data (https://uploads.smart.ly/accreditation/Quantic%20Consumer%20Information%20Disclosure.pdf):

    The most interesting tidbit to me are the graduation rates:

    MBA / EMBA
    2016: 63% / N/A
    2017: 55% / 78%
    2018: 73% / 86%
    2019: 80% / 92%
    2020: 97% / 97%

    I wonder if, when they were free, people weren't as committed? The EMBA students who were paying beat the MBA students every year except 2020, when they tied. Perhaps as a result of the pandemic giving people more time at home.
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    At least I could remove Quantic from my busy browser bookmarks. Wish them a good luck~:)
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    So, about 1,200 more expensive than the cheapest AACSB (not to mention RA) MBA out there. Comparing themselves to Wharton is just silly...
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    The students who are finding their way to Quantic's MBA are not students who likely recognize business schools like Anderson, Johnson, Tepper, or Marshall, and those are all top 20 business schools. They're choosing to use recognizable names of business schools whose students (apparently) have similar GMAT scores and selectivity as Quantic. Selectivity is not necessarily a good proxy of quality but it is regularly used as one.

    University of the People, who are NA as well, claim their tuition fees are 5% of the typical university education. At $4860 for a Bachelor's degree that means they're estimating the cost of a degree at $97,200. Pitchforks, anyone?
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    Still chugging along. 75% done the third course, Data and Decisions. 37% complete the whole program.

    Got a 4/5 on my last project, an independent case study and presentation based on the microeconomics module.

    Midterm will be May 19.
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    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    I used to take Smart.ly modules, and the way the material presented is much easier to understand. I think that is the niche comparing to top MBA programs. For example, my MBA at Imperial College London...sometimes it is extremely hard to digest Harvard Business Case Study. I was struggling with the Financial and Management Accounting module, the final exam counted 50% of the module and closed booked, closed notes, proctored exam. I hope I get at least 50%. So far, I completed 4 modules.
    -Marketing Management: 74.5%
    -Managerial Economics: 67.5%
    -Organizational Behavior: 63.5%
    -Financial and Management Accounting: does not have a final grade yet.
    The Summer term would be Strategy and Corporate Finance.
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    How are you managing the PhD at University of the Cumberlands alongside your MBA? That sounds really challenging! I'm hoping the experience of doing two Masters' at the same time will make it easier to handle the workload of doing one PhD.
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    I take only two courses per semester at the University of the Cumberlands. I got all "A's", but I am taking the summer semester off to complete my PMP and Cloud Security Certifications. I'll be back at the University of the Cumberlands in Fall 2021. According to the UK to US grade conversion at Baylor University, my grades at the Imperial College London is not bad.
    UK to US Grades.png
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    Tekman - your ability to balance work, parenting, and education is simply phenomenal!
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    Thanks for sharing your awesome experience. I am actually doing one doctoral and one master degree too. I really think I made a wrong decision when having a full-time job with frequent OT. Except staying late in the night, I could only decrease the course to only one for each program since I don't want to give them up.
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    I'm curious! What masters and doctorate are you doing?
  15. datby98

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    Locally taught project management doctorate and MPA on weekends. Don't want to give them up since both would benefit my future career.
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    Cool! I wanted to do an MPP but I ended up in an MS in Data Science because the MPP had a delayed application period and I applied to Eastern in the meantime. I'd like still to do my PhD in Public Policy, and then I got into this Quantic MBA (free at the time, now $10K). So I'll be earning 2 Master's degrees for $10,000. Not too shabby.
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    Small update: the first of two exams is this Thursday, the 17th. The grading of the program is 70% mid-term and final exam, 20% projects, 10% SmartCases (which are lessons at the end of each module designed more like tests than lessons.)

    The midterm is on the first 3 concentrations: Accounting, Economics and Statistics. The final is on the remaining 6, with the 10th "course" being the Business Fundamentals intro material.

    You have 24 hours to complete the exam once you start it. They estimate it should take 2-4 hours to complete. It's open book but must be done individually. I don't think it's proctored. I wonder, since it's such a huge portion of the grade, how they ensure academic integrity. Seems like the sort of thing their accreditor should be concerned about.

    Currently 42% complete the program.

    • Business Foundations: 100%
    • Accounting: 100%
    • Markets & Economies: 100%
    • Data & Decisions: 100%
    • Leading Organizations: 17%
    • Marketing and Pricing: 0%
    • Finance: 0%
    • Supply Chain & Operations: 0%
    • Strategy: 0%
    • Entrepreneurship: 0%
    Completed Projects:
    • Accounting Group Project (5/5)
    • Markets & Economies Individual Case Study (4/5)
    Upcoming Projects:
    • Leading Organizations Individual Case Study
    • Marketing Group Project and Presentation
    • Corporate Finance Group Case Study
    • Strategy Individual Case Study Presentation
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    Midterm complete! I was mistaken, you get 48 hours to complete it. It was tough. Taking one exam in 5 months, with no other opportunity for evaluation. I imagine it's similar to British A-Levels where you take a test at the end of a year or two, so you're trying to remember a lot of material all at once as opposed to the standard model of smaller evaluations more often.

    Buying the bound version of the course summaries was a major help because I could flip back and forth, rather than have to search PDFs across the platform. I got a 90%. I did a lot better on the Accounting and Economics sections than I did on the Statistics portion (about half the exam was stats.) The tricky part is that for a number of the exercises if you don't get all 4 or 5 selections right, you get a 0 for that question, versus getting partial credit. This is also how the SmartCases work.

    Glad to be done the midterm! The final will be similar, but longer, in mid-December.

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    I was just accepted into the EMBA program for September 2022. Are you enjoying the program so far? I am on the fence about accepting and enrolling.
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    Congrats on being accepted!

    I am enjoying it. The quality of the Accounting content is at least equivalent to my undergrad Accounting courses, and the Stats course covers the same material as my Eastern University basic stats course in my Masters program. The active learning platform is fantastic, you really do find the concepts being drilled in over time, without needing to actively study. The projects are the same case studies other universities use in their MBA programs (the Highland Malt case study I referenced appears to be used in both the University of Chicago and Western University.)

    And I love that I can do it on my phone, so I can take advantage of those times when I only have 5 or 10 minutes in between meetings and do a lesson, so I'm always making consistent progress.

    I don't know that I would pay for it, but that's because an MBA was never on my radar. If I needed an MBA for career advancement or whatever, it would be a great option. For other people, it might be the perfect fit. Just to note, the EMBA is a bit different than the MBA. You do a test after each concentration instead of just a mid-term and final. You also have additional material on strategy and leadership that the MBA doesn't include. So the MBA is a year-long program and the EMBA is 13 months long.

    Let us know if you decide to accept! I've also noticed a lot of people receiving scholarships (for both the EMBA and MBA), which is nice.
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