Programs for Masters in Nonprofit Management or Masters in Org. Leadership?

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    I am new to online education having attended a small, liberal arts college. I am strongly considering pursuing either a masters in nonprofit management or a masters in leadership/organizational leadership.

    Right now, I am looking at Northeastern for the nonprofit, and Colorado State, Quinnipiac and Duquesne for the masters in leadership.

    Are there any other programs I should consider and/or are missing, particularly for the nonprofit masters? I feel this would be more helpful/useful down the road than the OL being in the nonprofit field.

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    I think that Regis (the one in Colorado) a;so has a Masters in Non-Profit Mgmt - also not cheap.
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    33 Credit program @ $390 per hour
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    Check the MBA Sticky. I've included both Non-Profit Management and Leadership degrees (MA, MBA, MS).
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    I am currently enrolled in Liberty's Masters of Arts in Management and Leadership. I am transitioning into Duquesne's Master of Science in Leadership program. I would say the programs that you are looking at are vastly different and you should decide if you want a management degree (focused on accounting and planning), a leadership degree, or a combination of both.

    For example, the Liberty program is both management and leadership as it has several courses geared solely to leadership theory but also has accounting, entrepreneurship, and general management. The Duquesne program is designed around solely leadership, which is more of what I am looking for. They do have different specialties that can go into the accounting and management side if you so choose but it isn't required.

    For me, I already deal with budgets and managing people and wasn't interested in spending time learning more about business. I also checked out Bellevue University's program that was quite intriguing as well. Duquesne's program seemed more detailed, higher quality, and also less expensive for me.
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    I'm a graduate of the South Leadership program and I would highly recommend it. The program really focus on the knowledge, skills, and abilities you need to lead any organization from multiple levels. It contains very little "business" stuff. It is really a mix of organizational theory/behavior, human resources, international leadership, and negotiations. The classes are fast paced and nearly all the professors were excellent at providing relevant feedback so you could continually improve your thinking and writing. Dan Novak who is a professor and program chair is tough but he really challenges you to learn and apply what your learning to your current work situation. South will cost you slightly more than some of the other leadership programs but I felt it was worth it because classes are only 5.5 weeks long so you move quickly through the program. Course workload is manageable; two discussion questions and one or two papers each week.

    If you have specific questions you can send me a PM.

    Good luck in your hunt!
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    I didn't remember this school coming up for discussion in the past so I took a peek at their website. They have a small handfull of DL offerings including a DBA program. While this is not my area I'd say that DL DBA programs are not so common as to ignore new findings. Nice grab Templar!
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    Ashford University offers an online MBA with a concentration in Organizational Leadership at $ 541 per credit hour.
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    Organizational leadership! Much more flexible
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    Dont forget anout Fort Hays State Univ

    Fort Hays State Univ has a greal MLS with a concentration in Organizational Leadership. @ $229.50/hr its a super deal.


    Im an alum and an adjunct for their undergrad program.

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