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  1. rtongue

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    Which of the following would have the most professional utility for one with an MBA and PMP working in the investment management industry and the career track of Programmer to IT Business Analyst with the next step being Project Manager/Program Manager.

    Six-Sigma green belt and or black belt certificate -Penn State University

    Advanced PM certificate - Stanford University

    Post MBA Certificate in Information Systems - Penn State University

    Post MBA Certificate in Finance - Penn State University

    DBA or PHD in Finance or IT – NCU, Argosy, or Nova
  2. bazonkers

    bazonkers New Member

    I'd venture to say that anything focused on Finance won't really help you career wise unless you switch into the investments side of things. If your goal is to get into IT program/project mangement I'd beef up your IT/IS knowledge. Does your MBA have a focus? If it's IT already, then I'd go for the PM certificate from Stanford. If you don't have IT education, then I'd go for the post MBA in IT from PSU.

    The six sigma is the current mangement fad that might not be around in a few years. In this job market, I'd say the DBA is probably overkill. In a few years when everyone has an MBA, who knows.
  3. miguelstefan

    miguelstefan New Member

    Six-Sigma provides an amazing set of tools for managers. I think it is worthy of some consideration. Villanova University is offering a terrific Six-Sigma program through the University Alliance I am definitely going for at least my green belt eventually.
  4. w_parker

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    I'd also say that Six Sigma certs would not hurt. If you are looking to teach, find a local University and go for a DBA or PhD, otherwise Post MBA certs may have more utility.

  5. Roman

    Roman New Member

    My first choice would be the PM certificate from Stanford, if PM is your final step. Skills in leadership and advanced project management will take you very far and open more doors to positions of higher responsibility.
    My second choice would the Six-Sigma belts. Anything else you'll probably learn from your current MBA courses or at your current job. Just my opinion.
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  6. RFValve

    RFValve Well-Known Member

    If your goal is to stay in Industry, a Post MBA or Advanced certificate would be a more cost effective solution. If you want to teach in the future, the DBA or PhD is the way to go.
  7. Rich Douglas

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    I work in the industry for a company providing PM and Systems Engineering training and consulting. The advanced PM certificate from Stanford would bring your resume prestige, but don't disount the value of the doctorate if you have an eye on doing consulting work in the future. Mid-career, I'd go after the certificate. Late-career, consider the doctorate. It'll help make you one of those "old experts" companies turn to (and pay big bucks to).
  8. Kirkland

    Kirkland Member

    The Advanced PM training from Stanford is oriented to program management making this a natural adjunct to the PMP. Also, the program is very much focused on IT and advanced engineering and technology projects with many case studies and examples pertaining to those industries. Plan on 12-18 mos. (perhaps longer) to complete if you're working full time.
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