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  1. Kizmet

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    Hmmmm . . . note to self . . . consider getting in on the ground floor of the insect cookbook market.
  2. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Well, I don't know if it's your thing, exactly, but pet shops sell live crickets as food for pet geckos and similar creatures that prefer to catch live insects to eat. I don't think anyone would mind if you bought some to divert to the frying pan. And I know some apartment buildings that could keep you in cockroaches for life!
  3. JBjunior

    JBjunior Active Member

    Thanks Johann. That is definitely a possibility; I have seen novelty 5 pack of crickets for $5 on the counters at gas stations but it always made me wonder why they don't just offer an actual alternative, not something that is mostly a gag gift. I have seen some cricket/insect protein sources on Shark Tank before, might have to look that company up.
  4. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator Staff Member

    When I was a kid I ate a chocolate covered bee on a dare. No surprise that it just tasted like chocolate. A little crunchy.

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  5. nosborne48

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    Insect cookbook? Like...a little teeeny book written in cockroach??;)
  6. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    I think the pet shops are charging something under $1 a dozen or maybe 10 cents each for the live ones my son's geckos get. I was house-sitting there once and had to buy some. Hate the darn things! Nothing wasted, anyway. One cricket got loose; the cat ate him and was looking around, hoping to find the gecko - no luck, he was safe in his terrarium! I think the Shark Tank lead would be useful. Hopefully, the company is still in business and Kevin O'Leary got a return on his money.
  7. Kizmet

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