PME equires greater committment

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    An interesting research project would be to see if there is a bias regarding how one completes PME when multiple options are available. There certainly used to be.

    When I was still on active duty, enlisted personnel had the option of completing NCO Academy and Senior NCO Academy by correspondence. Almost all did. But many went on to do it in residence, if they were selected to do so (it was competitive), because that version was seen as more prestigious.

    On the officer side we had the same thing. For a long time, you could take the non-residential versions of officer PME before being selected to the residential versions; it was known to be a criterion for selection, in fact. So almost everyone who'd done it in residence had previously done it non-residentially. Eventually, the Air Force aligned the eligibility for these, so you were either selected to go in residence or, absent that, you did it non-residentially. This cut a lot of waste and redundancy.

    (Disclosure: I did Squadron Officer School in both non-residential and residential versions, and completed Marine Command and Staff non-residentially.)

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