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    I just found this program at Plymouth State University offered in conjunction with the American Museum of Natural History. It appears they offer self-paced 6-week classes that are $685 a class resulting in 4 graduate credits. I don't know anything about the program or school but they do offer a MA in Education that allows 21 of these credits to be used towards the degree.

    The page below has more detail on the classes and the way students are evaluated.

    American Museum of Natural History |College of Graduate Studies

    They also offer graduate certificates using the same classes here:

    AMNH Graduate Certificates |College of Graduate Studies

    Plymouth State University is regionally accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)
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    Interesting find!
  3. bazonkers

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    OK, I think it's not quite the deal I thought. Apparently you need to register for the class with the AMNH here with costs $520 a class.

    Seminars on Science | American Museum of Natural History

    After completing, then you need to pay PSU $660 to get the credit on your transcript. It looks like the total per class is $1155 (not sure of the math, that's what the website tells me). Still a pretty good price for a graduate class, especially if it's on a topic of interest.

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