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    It's been a while since I last visited this site, and I am delighted to see it still up and running. This platform has been incredibly helpful to many people, including me. Here I am again, turning to this community of academics for valuable information. I am currently pursuing two separate goals that are unrelated to each other.

    Firstly, I'm seeking information on pursuing a PhD in Research, preferably in a non-medical field.

    Secondly, I'm looking for any information on institutions where I can enroll in 9 credits of English courses, particularly focusing on literature, or exclusively in literature if possible. I have no need to matriculate. Looking for something quick and inexpensive. any ideas?

    These endeavors are aimed at enhancing my qualifications for a position at an academic institution. Given that I'll be covering the costs myself, affordability is a significant factor for me.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    My understanding is that Capitol Technology University is the only U.S. institution that offers PhD/Doctorate degrees through research. Capitol University degree is not cheap, but I think some in here could transfer half the program requirement for a second Doctorate degree.

    If you decide to go to a British University, look at University of Oxford's PhD in Archaeology, Architectural History, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, English Local History, Evidence-Based Health Care, Literature and Arts, and Sustainable Urban Development.

    Or University of College London (UCL) Ph.D in Education.
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    You might find a PhD program that while not promoted as a PhD by research, would award transfer credit or advanced standing for your existing EdD leaving you little or no coursework and mostly your new dissertation left to complete. Liberty University pitches their PhD in Advanced Educational Studies specifically as a top-up degree for EdD holders.
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    PhD in Research or PhD by research?

    Liberty has a PhD in Educational Research. Loyola has a PhD in Research Methodology.
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    My sincere appreciation to everyone who took the time to respond to my questions. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. I will definitely take note of the valuable advice provided and follow up accordingly.

    Thank you once again for your contributions.
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    Low-cost undergraduate credit in English:
    • A community college in your state. A community college in another state with reciprocity for online students.
    • Enroll in UMPI YourPace as a non-degree student taking only English courses of your choice.
    • If acceptable, (e.g., English 310 Short Stories) or CLEP credit (e.g., American Literature) in English subjects on its own transcript, or with some extra fees and paperwork on an RA transcript like TESU, or in the case of on an ACE Credly transcript.
    Be careful that if there's a process that could determine the new credit you earn duplicates credit you already have and thus isn't counted towards the 9 credits you need, you don't hit that problem.

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