PhD in Psychology from Grand Canyon University (GCU)

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    The biggest time commitment is the practicums and internships; you have to log many thousands of hours of supervised clinical hours to respecialize in clinical psychology. One of my professors respecialized from neuropsychology and was able to do it in less than 3 years by logging huge internship hours every week.
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    I think Garp is right. It's the minority of states that require APA accreditation (although I don't remember the exact number.). As for the whole licensure thing, we've heard people say they've got a license to practice based on their Masters degree so they don't need their PhD to be license-eligible. They want the right letters after their name for status and marketing.
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    There isn't a huge difference between what a Master's-level clinician does as far as psychotherapy vs. a Ph.D./Psy.D. The biggest difference is assessments like interpreting the MMPI and others, although a Master's clinician can become certified for some of those.
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