phd / dba - regionally accredited - totally online?

Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by maverick3934, Mar 2, 2016.

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    Hi there, got an MBA. Looking to get a DBA / PHD that's regionally accredited (not something nationally accredited) as I wish to teach at a community college or as an adjunct. Looking for something preferably 3 years max and must be online as I can't travel due to health reasons ... any ideas?

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    Can't travel at all--or can't travel much? Because if you can travel once a year or a couple times a year, it opens things up quite a bit. In the category of no travel whatsoever, however, is Heriot-Watt, Edinburgh Business School, which offers a remarkably affordable DBA primarily by self study and entirely at a distance. It is a UK school, but it's a very good one, particularly in business and management. It'd be equivalent to a flagship state university in the U.S., would probably be a top 50 or top 100 biz school if you moved it over here.
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    Maverick, if a PhD in Leadership with an 18 semester-hour concentration in Business would do, then consider the University of the Cumberlands, where you can do that without ever setting foot on campus. (Although that's sort of a shame since it's very pretty there!) I'm starting the dissertation phase now, and it's been a great experience.

    Executive Ph.D. in Leadership - University of the Cumberlands
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    BSN is online, it's a DBA, accredited, less then 20k
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    Sorry, but I have no idea what you mean by "BSN."
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    My first thought was that BSN = Bachelor of Science in Nursing, but that seems out of context in a thread about DBA degrees.
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    Having looked up the thread Doctor of Business Administration I just noted that BSN = Business School of the Netherlands.
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    Business School Netherlands, as a FYI they have been bought out from a China educational group, so change is in motion, additionally they have no (zero) DBA graduates from the USA as of yet. They are accredited, strong visibility in the Africans with a MBA program.The DBA is in the 4th year and the online DBA is at its 2nd corhart (1st year).

    The word on the streets are mixed at best, that started with a partnership with no accreditation with Sheffied University (UK), parttipation was very low maybe around five students all non-USA and Sheffied dumped BSN and started a partnership with a German University. BSN received ACBSP accreditation in 2014 and was bought from an undisclosed Chinese educational group?? On the positive side thier MBA has been going strong for a few years, like 1984 (?). The actual graduation rates on the DBA are dismal from what I can tell, word on the streets in The Netherlands is they lack structure in real ability to promote success vs. road blocks to participating students.

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