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    Thanks for your quick and informative response Dr. McGee, this information is good to know about and is hard to find elsewhere. How are PhDs by publication examples differentiated from traditional PhDs? Is it shown on the diploma or is it an ethics issue? I am interested in studying in Eastern Europe, perhaps University of Debrecen.
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    Dr. McGee,

    I join the others here in welcoming you. I also want to thank you for the valuable information you have shared.

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    Dr. McGee - having you join the forum and providing your insights is unquestionably one of the most valuable additions any of us could have asked for. You most likely are the global authority on doctorates by publication, and I do hope you stick around to help guide those earlier on in their careers.
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    Dr. McGee - Great to see you here!

    I met you at the SEALSB Conference in Miami Beach in 2009. Great to see a fellow academic in a closely-related field on this forum (I was once a regular here, but got caught up in the academic grind and stepped away for years and just now re-registered when I saw you here). I'm looking to make a transfer into another field more in line with yours: accounting and taxation. I've been in biz law for 11 years and have started to move my research more into the direction of taxation and accountancy (one pub in last 2 yrs in that field, preparing 2nd article for submission). Have you any suggestions for schools that were good to work with in the field of accountancy?

    By the way, I can confirm to all that having met him, had dinner in a group that included him and his lovely wife, and heard him present his research, that Dr. McGee is a brilliant prof who marches to the beat of his own drum (I mean that in the best possible way).
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    By the way, a number of candidates for tenure track positions at my university (who hold or are candidates for PhDs at U.S. universities) have described requirements in their PhD programs very similar in kind to the Euro doctorate by publication method. While they do have the requisite 36 or 48 hours of grad classroom coursework, their "dissertations" often consist of 4 peer-reviewed articles (these are not for-profit grads, they are grads and candidates from major U.S. research universities, flagship Us and the like). Other than some of the quantitative research methods courses and a handful of field-specific courses in the traditional PhD program, they are identical to the Euro method. This has surprised me because I always thought of a dissertation before I got on the inside of academia as strictly an 80,000 - 100,000+ word book of sorts. Turns out not it's the case at all.
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    I'd like to publically welcome Dr. McGee as well. It's great to have him in this forum. Somehow, I can't get over the feeling that he is, in some way, the Robin Hood of higher ed. And, he earned all of his doctorates just because he wanted to. The best is that he's well-published and cited. It's a major egg in the face of traditional academia.
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    North Carolina is a state, not a country.
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    This guy has more degrees than a thermometer!

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