Pebble Hills University is blessed by ICfHE and ACAC

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    Here's another goatbag of a thing for a Sunday evening: Pebbel Hills University, featuring this splendid legal disclaimer:
    and so on and so forth. The links to "Faculties and Departments," "Research Programs," "Academic Program," etc. don't go anywhere. (Why is this not a surprise?)

    Lest we forget, ACAC came about after Sheila Danzig was blown as "Liz Ross" of Carrer Consultants International (the credential evaluator that OK'd 11 of 12 Georgia teachers' SRU degrees).

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    pebble hills info

    If anyone goes to the council on higher education accrediation there is a huge list of "institutions" that are not currently accredited. Pebble Hills is just one of them on the list. This website also shows a list of bogus or unapproved accrediting bodies. Another url for checking is Bear in mind that these lists are not all inclusive, but are a prettygood start for researching.
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    Pebble Hills seem to be accredited by IAO now and was wondering what does that all mean? If you go to their webpage, it gets even more confusing as they mention more partnerships with regional and national bodies. So could someone please tell me whether this organisation is legit or not?
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    Its a degree mill.
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    Holy thread necromancy, Batman! A seven year old thread!
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    Holy smoking grassfires, Batman! What a smokescreen! Must be dynamite grass!

    Among other English-speaking bloofosities, IAO accredits not only Pebble Hills, but:

    Midtown University Discover Midtown University and
    Cambridge Graduate University CGUEDU.COM (might not be working yet)

    This last was registered (as a business) in Florida but claims to be located in Massachusetts

    IOA has many foreign-language "slithy toves, gyring and gimboling in the wabe" that it has also "accredited."

    It's all nonsense!

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    You MUST have missed the most important school that IAO "accredits".

    Accreditation mills - what a load of crap and waste of money.

    I was at a work-related convention last week and there were a few schools among the exhibits. Two of them are well known RA schools, one was a smaller RA CC, and the fourth was a new school that said it was pursuing RA. Its small curriculum looked promising and I wished them well. This week, I get a e-mail that they are pleased to announce that they are now fully accredited. The accreditor? IADL. In my mind, all credibility has been shot by this poor decision made by the head of school/company.
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    (1) Yes, I guess I did. But that MUST be the other thread... the one that now features MUSTafa riding a MUSTang and all that. :jester:

    " MUSTang MUSTafa,
    You better slow that MUSTang down..." (Apologies to the late, great Wilson Pickett.)

    (2) Maybe you'd be doing a favour by contacting this school and telling them why they should reconsider...

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