Paramedic Certification

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    Can anyone point me in the right direction for a good path to achieve this while minimally disrupting a regular work schedule?
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    Not quite; all paramedics are EMT's, but not all EMT's are paramedics. There are 3 levels of EMT;

    EMT-Basic (formerly EMT-Ambulance)

    Advanced EMT (formerly EMT-Intermediate)

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    I'm in Texas. Thank you very much for the direction. They see to be the most respected online paramedic program in Texas. They certainly have the vest pass rate.
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    They're nationally accredited and have a partnership with the regionally accredited Kilgore College. It's not required, but most online EMT programs don't bother with accreditation. Percom is probably the best option for a distance learning, paramedic program. There are cheaper options for EMT Basic, though.
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