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    whats interesting is why they would keep the same incorporation/change name to california miramar university, with the result that all the bad press from pwu follows them.

    why would they not just start a new 'clean' incorporation and start from scratch?
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    I believe that an institution must have been in operation for a set period of time before most (all?) accrediting agencies will consider accrediting the school. This could be one reason.
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    Visiting CMU sounds to me like it would probably be the most boring thing that I could possibly plan. Meaning if I tried to buy a doctorate they would probably say they don't offer doctorates. Then if I tried to buy another degree they would probably look at me like I was from another planet. The only interesting thing to me about CMU is what students from PWU are in their records that they going to verify degrees for. When they do verify a PWU degree, do they mention that PWU was never accredited?
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    I can’t answer that question. Perchance that would have been a question you might have presented to them. But it’s apparent you’re not going to stop by; and that’s all-right too.
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    Pacific Western--The Real Story

    The true story of Pacific Western is a bit more complicated than indicated by the thread. Pacific Western's intention was to become fully accredited over time--it takes years of operation for a new college to become accredited. I knew people who went there in their early years, and while it was not Harvard, the classes did require a fair amount of work--probably as much as the average four year degree granting institution. One of the graduates I know who received a doctorate in their early years has authored over 100 publications. Unfortunately, another Pacific Western University opened in Hawaii, and this on was a diploma mill. There was some administrative overlap in the beginning, but ties between the two were severed early. As Pacific Western (California) worked towards full accreditation, Pacific Western (Hawaii) continued as a diploma mill. Eventually, Pacific Western--Hawaii was shut down. But everyone who researched "Pacific Western" assumed they were the same school. To avoid being tarnished by Pacific Western-Hawaii, Pacific Western-California changed their name to California Miramar University, and they did attain full accreditation. Remember also that when Pacific Western-California started, the rule was that "distance learning" colleges and universities could not be accredited--the concept of distance learning was not acceptable. As the world changed, so did that, and now many colleges and universities have accredited distance learning programs. In some ways, Pacific Western was ahead of its time.

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