1. I see Oregon ODA has revised the MIGS wording again:

    "As of December, 2001, this entity is not authorized to operate in Texas or Florida, where it claims to operate. Oregon will not accept MIGS-related degrees until satisfactory evidence of its legal status in the U.S. and its degree-granting authority is obtained. Oregon does recognize degrees issued in Mexico by Centro de Estudias Universitarios of Nuevo Leon, Mexico".
  2. Chip

    Chip Administrator

    I hear the far-off sounds of a funeral procession for the MIGS/CEU/degree.com operation.

    $200K in fines, two states telling them they are operating illegally, Sheila's brazen continuation of operations in Florida while claiming to be in Mexico in direct violation of the orders of FL authorities... things are not looking good for Sheila and Bill and Enrique and Bruce...
  3. Tom Rogers

    Tom Rogers New Member

    I thought MIGS was the questionable entity here. We've heard over and over that Centrol de Estudias Universitarios is legitimate and recognized. What gives?

    Tom Rogers
  4. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    You're right. But the ODA is trying to split the baby in half. (Rightly so, I now feel.)

    They want to distinguish between MIGS and the CEU. The problem will come if the CEU actually issues degrees based upon work at MIGS. These degrees should be indistinguishable from those issued to CEU's residential students. (Except, of course, that none of the degree programs offered through MIGS is available on campus at the CEU.)

    But things are not even that simple. It is possible that the agreement between MIGS and the CEU doesn't really involve the CEU issuing degrees. Rather, the administration and issuing of degrees might be left to MIGS, who then uses the CEU name. Who signs the diplomas--Mexicans or Floridians--doesn't matter. What matters is whether or not the CEU actually issues the degrees and transcripts. I wonder if all of that will be handled in Florida, making it even easier for ODA or anyone else to distinguish between the two.

    Regardless, no legitimate school would be going through all of this chicanery.

    Rich Douglas

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