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    I think this is Doug Ford, our Premier, showing his dislike for teachers. If he can make do with less teachers or take away from teachers, he will - and this is one way to do that.
    Mr. Ford does not have much use for education. He dropped out of community college because "the lectures were too boring." (His words.)

    Our previous government didn't like teachers much either. I heard our Liberal Premier, Dalton McGuinty remark that "some of these guys retire at 57-58. That's no good." That's what they signed up for, Dalton! Around 9% of their income to the pension fund, and 30-and-out. The next premier, Liberal Kathleen Wynne, took away the practice of banking unused sick days, for redemption on retirement. . No more banking and a fractional pittance for the ones already banked.

    It's becoming a hard go for teachers around here. The pay is still fairly good, but I've no doubt Doug Ford has his sights set on that. They aren't afraid to use the education system as a vote-getter, though. Dalton McGuinty gave us all-day junior and regular kindergartens, i.e. all-day free babysitting for 4-5 year olds. That cost a bundle but it won an election!

    By the way, Dalton retired from politics at the age of 58 - around the same age that he complained many teachers retire at.
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    4 required credits out of 30. The Ottawa Citizen story is awfully cryptic. Many Ontario high-school students apparently already take DL classes, though it isn't required as of yet. The classes are offered by school districts, which band together into consortia so that students in all the districts can take all of the classes offered in the consortium, even if they aren't offered by their particular district. The story isn't clear whether the proposed requirement will be an expansion of these existing arrangements, a provincial DL system, or what. (Apparently the details haven't been revealed yet.) There's talk of centralization which sounds a little ominous.

    All in all though, it might be of significant benefit to smaller high-schools in rural areas. If there's a province-wide menu of DL classes available, the available electives that students at each school have available will expand tremendously. Language classes, STEM classes, advanced standing classes, enrichment classes, remedial classes, all kinds of things.
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    It is an excellent idea to do some credits online. As Johann said , Ford do have some disdain for teachers, but on the other hand Ontario teachers and professors will go on strike at the worst time when maximum damage can be inflicted on students.
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    Yep. Ford do!

    They will go on strike when maximum damage is inflicted on them by Ford. When do you think they should strike? Summer vacation?Teachers don't strike to intentionally inflict damage on kids. Unfortunately, that IS the way it often plays out.

    There is a standard set now at OntarioLearn. My grandkids took several during high school. As yet, nothing like the range you suggest. Standard courses from the curriculum. What you suggest would be nice but Not likely. Ford is trying to reduce the budget, not increase it.

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