Online vs On Campus Doctorate - What would you do?

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    In business, this is probably more than 50%. However, most of these PhDs are from top schools.
    Many Canadians go to top schools in US and UK and the go back home. A good school in the US or the UK requires only 3 to 4 years to complete a PhD while in Canada people are taken 5 to 7 years.
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    Oooo. I love it when you say "pecuniary."

    and i also appreciate your primary point. don't turn yourself into a ferengi.
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    Hard to believe, Source please.
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    Easy to believe, because the U.S. isn't part of Canada.
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    I am in the computer science field. For a masters, I tend to tell my students to work while earning an online masters, unless they are really into theoretical computer science. There are lots of options for online masters and many are name-brand institutions (including a few top 5 in the country options). Opportunity costs matter.

    For a Ph.D., I think the equation changes somewhat. What is your goal? If it is just the credential, earn it while working, so go online. If it is to teach somewhere (you don't mind teaching at Regional State U), the online degree will probably be ok (though saturated fields like English or Social Sciences might still look at a ddistance degree as a problem - they get 100+ applicants for every job, so they can be picky). If you want to teach at Flagship State U, the only option is to get a doctorate, earned on-campus, at someplace at least as good, but probably better, than Flagship State U.

    What is your objective with this?

    Edit - now I see the OP has responded. He/she seems to have a good grasp of the trade-offs.
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    In Ontario the percentage looks higher. Albeit US and Anglos Phds.
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    This policy is a big joke, most new hires are foreigners at least at my University. Was your PhD from a top tier US school? Most new hires come from top 20 ranked American schools. It is not easy to get a job with a Canadian PhD nowadays.
    Low tier American schools are also a tough sell in the Canadian Academic market.

    By the way is Simon Fraser University.

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