Online "Tech" MBA Recommendations?

Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by Beagle412, Sep 8, 2010.

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    I think the difference here is that the University System of Maryland specifically says that all the different campuses must be spelled out except for the College Park campus which can be simply stated as the University of MD. Penn State doesn't seem to have an official statement on this matter, where MD does...
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    Use your moral compass I suppose. Everyone here knows my position, no need to type it all out again.
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    See I would just put (and yes I have done sample resumes with it on there because I AM that sad and would go to PSU in a hot second if I could afford it, Global Campus or not):

    Master of Public Administration, Global Campus, the Pennsylvania State University


    Master of Arts in Community and Economic Development, Global Campus, the Pennsylvania State University

    Looks pretty, huh? :) To me, it doesn't look bad or connote anything negative at all. It's still freakin' Penn State!

    I have to put the caveat in of PSU being my "dream school" (ya know, that one school everyone would cut off their arm to go to) with U of Michigan-AA a close second, so maybe I'm biased.
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    Looks great to me!

    What is the chant all the Penn Staters say while their teams are destroying Ohio State? "We are Penn State!" :)
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    Completely off topic, but why is it your dream school? Do you have ties there? My dream school is/was Washington & Lee. It is the one school I applied to for undergrad that rejected me, to make matters worse my kid sister just graduated from there last year. The only way I'll ever be able to attend now is if I decide to go to law school as that is the only graduate program they offer. Maybe if I win the lottery one day, I have no interest in practicing law, but I want one of those sheepskin diplomas.
    This could make a good thread, actually...
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    It's kinda a silly reason, but when I was a little girl I would go visit my g-ma and g-pa in OH and they were huge PSU fans on a block of OSU fans...I eventually ended up being raised by them. They had the flag in front of the house and everything. My g-pa went there and was SO proud of his Penn State degree and every year my g-ma would buy him something PSU for Xmas and everyone would make a huge deal out of what he got. My uncle (his son) applied to get in and was denied. I never applied for UG because I was too scared of being denied. My g-pa always wanted someone to carry on the legacy and go.

    He died in 2005 and I was devastated. He was the most amazing man I have ever known and I would be proud beyond belief to have that diploma on my wall saying Penn State. I know it's kinda silly but I would feel like I actually accomplished something worthwhile. Not to mention, it's a great school with a good solid reputation and alumni association.
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    In the case of a MBA - ALWAYS choose an AACSB accredited school if at all possible.
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    I'm from PA and it is a source of pride when admitted to the main campus. Of course we don't look down on people at satellite campuses either. Some of the satellite campuses specialize in the arts like Mont Alto which is a beautiful little campus near Chambersburg.
    I would just put Penn State on my resume as a lot of people spend two years at a satellite and the final years at the main campus.
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    So glad to see this little gem of a thread re-emerged...
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    Aaaaaaaaaaaah it buuuuuuuuuuurrrrrnnnnnnnssssss!


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