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  1. I lived in California for over 25 years. If I saw a resume that said Pennsylvania State University I would assume they went to.... *drum roll* Pennsylvania State University!

    And guess what.... *drum roll* ... I'd be right!
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    I disagree. Regardless of how the PSU system is viewed by its administration, people outside the system view the different campuses as separate entities. Perception is reality.
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    But when people in California think PSU they think PSU-University Park, not PSU-Erie or PSU-Altoona. I get it, you want people think you went to THE PSU, when in fact you attended some less selective branch of the university.
  4. Who are these people? Before I came to Pennsylvania and started at PSU, I thought PSU was PSU (I was right). I would be surprised if your average Joe outside of PA knew the difference between PSU and Univ of Penn.
  5. I don't see how you're failing to grasp this: there is only one PSU. Anyone who graduates from a campus they're proud of is free to add that to their resume.

    Who are these people in California who think that PSU is University Park? Your argument is devolving into weirdness.
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    There are a lot of people in PA that don't know the difference between PSU and UPenn.

    Look, we have said we're never going to agree on this. I am of a different opinion than you, as are a few others on this board. There are also people here that agree with you. The OP has eliminated PSU-World Campus from his search due to feedback from his employer, so in regards to this thread the debate is moot. Let's just move on, it's obvious no consensus is going to be built here.
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    When people outside of PA think PSU they likely think about Nittany Lion athletics, specifically football. That is their perception of PSU.

    Several of these other branches of the university have their own athletic system, PSU-Altoona for one (Penn State Altoona - Athletics).

    Several of their branches have their own business school, like PSU-Erie (Penn State Erie-School of Business-Employment)

    That sure seems like those campuses operate seperately from PSU-Univ Park. Regardless of what you want to argue, neither of the schools is what pops into people's minds when they here Penn State and if you think it does, you're the one who's argument is "devolving into weirdness".
  8. Alright. We'll disagree. You believe that the hundreds of thousands of graduates for over a century and a half of PSU's history have been "misleading" and "lying" on their resumes and curriculum vitae.

    I don't think this is the case and I see listing the the campus as:

    a) Optional

    b) Possibly a good idea when you went to University Park or otherwise want to distinguish yourself.

    My opinion is supported by PSU itself, PSU grads, and is just common practice. Your opinion, coming from the great state of Alabama, is supported by a few users of

    Gotcha. Glad this has been put to rest. ;)
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  10. Oh, well then it is settled!

    I'll graciously bow out at this point. Good day.
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    Thank you for conceding. Enjoy your afternoon.
  12. If you believe a concession is a sardonic nod at your delusion, then by all means, enjoy it. ;)
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    And if you think it is okay to misrepresent your credential, by all means, proceed with only listing "Pennsylvania State University" on your resume.
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    Suppose you meet a guy who says that he "plays basketball for Penn State". That's pretty impressive, right? After all, Penn State competes in the Big 10, which is one of the nation's premier Division I athletic conferences.

    But then it turns out that he actually plays basketball at Penn State-Altoona, in the Division III Alleghany Mountain Collegiate Conference. Are you maybe a bit less impressed? Is it perhaps a bit misleading for a college athlete to use the "Penn State" name, without specifying the campus?

    If so, couldn't the same principle apply to academics?
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    Good analogy.
  16. CalDog

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    If you selectively omit relevant information from your resume, to make it look more impressive to reviewers, then maybe you are the one playing Jedi, by trying to manipulate the minds of others.

    Drop the mind games. Just list the information as truthfully, accurately, and completely as possible. Is this really too much to expect?
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    I'm sorry that we killed your thread. I hope you find a great program, sounds like you're leaning towards Auburn. I neglected to mention it on the first go-round, but the University of Wyoming has an online executive MBA that would be even cheaper than AU, at $540 per credit hour. You would need to take some foundation classes since you don't have a business undergrad, but those could be taken care of cheaply and quickly with CLEP (about $100 per class) or UW undergrad classes (only $134 per credit hour). You can find out more at UW: Executive MBA

    Again, best of luck, and sorry about your thread.

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    Love that pic. I apologize for my contribution in taking this thread of topic.

    The OP could also look at the Univ of Mississippi (Ole Miss) and Mississippi State University.
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    For about the five billionth time; Harvard requests the following on a resume containing a degree from the Extension School

    "Harvard University - Level of Degree in Extension Studies, Concentration in X."

    It's a Harvard University degree, but it's obvious that it's an Extension School degree.

  20. ITJD

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    As to the topic:

    1. If you must have a tech concentration and it must be a MBA, I'll recommend UML as I know the system. I would not recommend UMass Amherst for a tech MBA as the instructors there do not know tech and the concentration is not available.

    2. As to the resume honesty discussion.. really? If you're not proud enough of the school you're going to to be honest about where you went to school.. why in the Sam Hill are you going there to begin with?

    Don't be a douchebag, it'll only haunt you later.

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