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  1. jramus

    jramus New Member

    Been a lurker here for probably the past 7 years... which, yes, it took me about that long to finish my undergrad...

    Anyways, this seems to be a hard find. Seems like most of the more reputable online MBA programs have a strict schedule. Being in the military as you know, I "may" have to skip a semester if something comes up.

    So I want to go to the best school I can (using GI top up, have no one to pass GI to and do not plan on a doctorate when I get out) so money is not really a matter.

    So far I have found
    Florida State
    U. Florida
    Ok. State U.

    Some of these I am still waiting to hear back on how flexible they are with scheduling. Would also prefer a concentration in something IT related if possible.

    Before I end up choosing one I figured someone might have gone through or know of a program as good, offers the IT portion, start off only one class at a time, etc. There could be 50+ colleges as good as the ones mentioned above, but I can't go through each one myself.

    Thanks for any info.
  2. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member

    A most reputable school with a flexible schedule? Hmm.
    Hmm. Newbie, welcome to DI. I didn't measn to rain on your parade nor did i intend to piss on your leg and tell you it's raining,
    You might like to mozy on over to the Business and MBA Programs sub-forum because there is a MBA Sticky which lists state by state starting with From the Greast State of Alabamaall the way doewn toFrom the Great State of Wyimng. said list includes information on school name, website, degree titles, majors/concentrations, hourly tuition, hours to degree, total program tuition, and accreditation/s. I might not have given much thought to other specifications such as you and some others may have for your dl mba. But then, don't you think that you might have to do at least some of the work to find which online mba turns your crank? BTW - There are something like 420 DL MBAs in that MBA Sticky. BTW - Some newbies have expressed the opinion that my MBA Stiocky is a worthless piece of s*** because the tuition is out of date as of 2008. Apparently, thes idiotas who say these things about me and my threads just don't realizw that it takes hours upon hours of work that takes about a year to finish one of my From the Great State of ... Stickys. PS- I apologize for all thses dame typos, i'm not really that bad of a speller. I actually won a few spelling bees when i was in grade school, 1968-1974. PPS - Oh, by the way, i've also had the experienced situations ob this board where a newbie storms onto this board and demands that i must create yet another From the Great State of ... Sticky for his desired degree title and he wanted it done yesterday, and without just compensation. Well, nevertheless, regardless of the existence of such arrogant people who have personally attacked ne, i think ythat most people on this board are pretty good people and i am usually more than happy to create mor From the Great State of Stickies for those that actually ask me nicely. I really don't talk too much about myself and my personal situation unless i'm among friends. and even though it is possible that there are a fw @$$h013$ on this board, most of the people on this board are pretty nice people. Now by telling you this, it is possible that you or others might tyhink i'm a big waste of govt money. and that's okay by me, most of the people on this board are my friends. and i don't need to care about the opinions of any of the @$$h013$ on this board or elsewhere. I am on Social Security Disability for some combination of anxieties, bipolar, brain surgery, brain tumor, diabetes, epilepsy, the fat boy test, kidney failure, manic deopression, neurosis, psychosis, schizoaffective disorder, and temporal lobe syndrome, and have ben si for the last 20 yrs. i have taken food stamps, Medicare/Medicaid, unemployment, and have even been to a Catholic Church food bank (i was raised Lutheran but have been twice married and twice divorced both times to Catholic ladies, though i knew nothing of their religious preferences before the marriages), and i've even belonged to a social club for those with mentally illnesses which has both a free meal plan and a food bank. So, think of me as you wish but that's just me. EDIT AGAIN: The reason i tell you all this personal info is that i was going to say that a young lady ib the Political Forum onvce said that she admired me for trying to opay back to soiciety by helping others find degree programs for other while i'm dying of stage 3 kidney failure.
  3. rebel100

    rebel100 New Member

    A couple of programs that came to mind:
    Online MBA | UF MBA | Warrington
    Global Executive MBA Distance Learning - Duke's Fuqua School of Business

    In which state do you claim residence?
  4. jramus

    jramus New Member

    Virginia. Again, money isn't really a concern though, which is why I am trying to get the best resume name/education but is still flexible with schedule.

    So far Northeastern seems to be the best I have found, US News ranked them 36th which isn't too bad. Have up to 5 years to complete the program and no GMAT (although this is nice it also makes me wonder...)
  5. jramus

    jramus New Member

    I had UF on my list already, waiting to hear back on if a semester can be skipped. I like the idea of going down and banging a class out in one week on campus!

    Duke looks like a very strict 15 months program.
  6. jramus

    jramus New Member

    Virginia, but money is not really an issue though. Since it isn't, that's why I want to get the best resume name/education I can, but also have a program that is flexible.

    Got word back from northeastern and they are super flexible! Take a class whenever you want, just finish in 5 years... #36 ranked on US NEWS which isn't bad, especially since it doesn't require the GMAT.
  7. edowave

    edowave Active Member

    It's not uncommon for people to have to skip a semester for some reason or another. I doubt that would be a problem even though you would be out of your cohort. Also, UF's program is large enough that you can usually get whatever class you need in whatever semester.

    In terms of flexibility however, you can't beat the Heriot-Watt MBA program. You can do one course at a time and basically start whenever you want. I don't think you can use GI funding with a UK university though. Plus, they just don't have the name recognition in the US like UF does. Go Gators.
  8. jramus

    jramus New Member

    I wish I could get a UK MBA, that used to be the whole point of the MBA is to be better at managing multi national corporations. Most of the top elite MBA schools encourage a whole year of studying abroad.

    You're probably right. It's just that some of these programs only enroll once a year and have a set schedule, so if that's the case then if you miss anything, you're out for a year minimum.

    I am pretty excited about Northeastern not requiring the GMAT either, but really hope I don't end up using that as an excuse to pass up a better flexible school...
  9. rebel100

    rebel100 New Member

    I should have done the UF program myself, living in Central Florida it would have been a much better choice than it's fun to root for an up and coming transition team now rankled #8 (in football) :) Is there a college ranking that matters more? :)
  10. jramus

    jramus New Member

    What made you go with WGU instead? You using TA/GI?
  11. rebel100

    rebel100 New Member

    Cost and speed. At the time UF hadn't fully refined their online offering. If I had to choose again today I would definitely go with UF.

    My employer offers $3000/year towards a Masters, the way that landed meant that I took TR 3 times over about 16 months, so work paid all the tuition/books/etc... for my fully online MBA. UF would have cost substantially more and a school like Fuqua at Duke was out of the question even if I could have somehow sneaked past the admissions committee.
  12. jramus

    jramus New Member

    That makes sense then. I think I need to step back and take a break. I also plan on getting my CISSP and PMP cert, so is it really worth all the extra work to get a better name on a resume and to use up free money?

    I think part of it is because I got my BS from excelsior, so I just want the best name for my masters to make up for it I guess...
  13. rebel100

    rebel100 New Member

    Do you already hold a masters? If so, and dependent somewhat on industry, I would submit that he PMP might have more utility.
  14. major56

    major56 Active Member

    Fox School of Business, Temple University
    Online MBA - Ranked #1 | Fox School of Business | Temple University

    Note: A DegreeInfo member (CavTrooper) is in the program. You may want to send him a PM re the program.
  15. Bruce

    Bruce Moderator

    The University of Massachusetts system offers 3 options for an online MBA; all are AACSB-accredited, with a cost ranging from $521 per credit hour (UMass-Dartmouth) to $630 per credit hour (UMass-Lowell) to $825 per credit hour (UMass-Amherst/Isenberg).

    As you can probably guess, the prestige level, from top to bottom, is Amherst, Lowell, then Dartmouth. The Amherst/Isenberg MBA is rated top-20 nationwide in most listings.

    Amherst -

    Lowell - Master's Degree in Business Administration - Online MBA Program

    Dartmouth -
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  16. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member

    Well, i knew that UMA was the big prestigious onethat offers all the big doctoral programs, but i had no idea whether UMB or UML was no. 2 nor wjo was no. 3.

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