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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by dlmatt, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. dlmatt

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    Hi guys,

    I thought Math is one of those degree that can be completed online but I haven't found much discussion about it. Basically I'm interested in doing a Math degree via DL, so far I've narrowed down to 3 programs:

    University of Illinois Springfield BA Mathematical Sciences
    TESC BA Math
    Empire State College BS Applied Math

    Could any of you who had successfully completed these programs give me a brief idea of the pros and cons of each degree, how rigorous are they, cost and time needed to complete the degree, what is their reputation and how are they viewed by graduate schools? Also, as these are degree completion programs, how do you fulfill their first 60 credit hour general education requirement via online courses?

    I'd ideally like to progress to a MS in Financial Engineering/Applied Math/Statistics in the future, which program would be more suitable? If there are other better online Math programs that I have missed, I would like to hear about them too.

    Thanks in advance for your insight, this forum has been a great source of information.
  2. Kizmet

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    Look also at Ottawa University, Western Governors University and the University of London. Also, the Illinois degree is a degree completion program. It's not LSU, CLEP exams, etc. and transfer them into Illinois. Good luck.
  3. Jeff Walker

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    I was once interested in getting a math (not math education) degree as well (a masters, in my case). The big issue is lack of demand. There is demand for business degrees, and as a result, there are a ton of online business degrees. There is demand for computer science (or variants, like information systems), so there are a ton of options. There simply isn't much demand for non-education math degrees.
  4. BlueMason

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    That being said, mathematicians are still highly sought after for Crypto...
  5. Jeff Walker

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    I think I wasn't clear - there is a ton of demand for math graduates. There simply isn't demand from students for online math degrees.
  6. dlmatt

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    Hmm it seems my original question hasn't been answered and this has turned into a lament thread about the lack of interest from the general public in a Math degree.

    This is partly true as the number of STEM related threads in this forum are far and few compared to business, liberal studies, humanities degrees. I guess this could be due to STEM degrees having a component of lab work which make it impossible to complete online or via other distance learning means.

    I agree with Jeff about the lack of demand for Math degrees, even though it is the only STEM degree that can be completed online without any practical lab work. I still hope to see more discussion from people who had enrolled in any of the above programs. Keep the feedback coming.
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