Online Masters to Brick and Mortar PhD, is it possible?

Discussion in 'Online & DL Teaching' started by ANDames, Nov 16, 2011.

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    ^^^^What he said.
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    I cannot speak for US schools but not all PhD programs in Canada ask for a GRE. It seems that the person in Question has an undergraduate Canadian degree from Acadia, this is a B&M well known school.

    Many Canadian PhDs only require a BS for admission (might not be the case for psychology) so the BS might be enough to get you into a PhD program (perhaps not at a top school but at least a B&M).

    The best way to find out is by sending few applications and see the outcome.
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    Update: I'm doing the Masters at Walden, so far for the first quarter, I have a 3.98 so i'm really happy about that. I intend to study for the GRE and retake it asap. I'm hoping that the Master's degree can help me get into a PhD program at any of the BM schools that I mentioned previously.
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    Great news!!
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    distance/modular MDiv to B&M PhD

    I haven't followed this thread from the beginning (I'm actually just logging on after a long gap), but I thought I'd add my $0.02. I did a "big 3" BA, and an MDiv outside North America from a school which was accredited and distance edu; mailing in papers and coming for a week of intensive classes every 6 months or so (9AM-5PM, 5 days, with exams in the evenings; pretty intense!). I was admitted into a North American B & M PhD program, on scholarship, and am finishing up. All this to say, yes, it is possible. I'm sure there are a million variables, though.
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    I had a lowish undergrad GPA (youthful idiocy), but my B&M school accepted me into something like "continuing education" until they saw that I could do the work, and then they allowed me to transfer to the regular degree program, where I finished a Masters with a 3.54 average. Why not look for something like this? Also, have you looked into what type of schools will be acceptable in the Bahamas?

    I just read the rest of the responses, and see that you are at Walden and doing well. Congratulations, and keep up the good work!
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    I think that it is possible if everything else remains in the competitive range. The main concern is the quality of the student. If you can prove to them that you are a good fit than you will be able to get in. I know that I heard of someone going from AIU Online for a bachelors and getting into Vanderbilt for law school. It wasn't the bachelors that got him in, it was just a check mark. He got in because he was able to show though his LSAT and grades that he would make it. Do consider that most PhD programs are only a handful of students.

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