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  1. mrdmevans

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    I need help finding an accredited online Masters of Divinity Program.

    I have been brought up Non-denominational and would prefer to find a University that would be considered the same.

    However, I would also look into Baptist or Pentecostal universities.

    The school would need to be accredited and accepted by the US Department of Education.

    I would also like to keep the cost of my education down, and can not afford another 30,000+ in student loans.

    I would truly appreciate your help with narrowing it down. Thanks in advance.
  2. JBjunior

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  3. StefanM

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    Liberty is a great option for those who need entirely DL education.

    A slightly cheaper option is Luther Rice Seminary (Luther Rice Seminary / University / Online Seminary / Theological Seminary), but it is not RA. It is TRACS-accredited, which is a recognized agency. Your choice depends on what your accreditation preferences are, I suppose.

    Both of these options are Baptist.

    Global University (Global University | Online Christian University | Theology Degrees Online) just received regional accreditation, and it is a pentecostal school.
  4. JBjunior

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    Actually Stefan, Liberty can be much cheaper with their seminary block option unless I am misunderstanding it, which is quite possible. It says between 9-15 credits for $2200. $265 if below 9 or above 15 per credit hour. So at 12 credits that is $183/hour and at 15 credits it is $146/hour. Am I understanding that correctly?

    Luther Rice says $209/hour.
  5. SurfDoctor

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    This is a very new seminary started by Dr. Norman Geisler, a well know Bible scholar. Veritas Seminary is currently unaccredited but they expect to become accredited soon, not sure by which accrediting body. I'm pretty sure they offer a MDiv. This is a great school with great professors and it is part of the Calvary Chapel Bible College. A few of the professors are personal friends of mine.


    This is not to be confused with a degree mill with a similar name. I think the mill name is Vertas College.
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  6. Ted Heiks

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    Look for used copies of Rick Walston's Walston's Guide to Christian Distance Learning and Jason Baker's Baker's Guide to Christian Distance Education.
  7. StefanM

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    You are correct about the block. It really makes the degree quite affordable, if you can tolerate heavier loads.

    Of course, as an LU student, I am biased to say that he should go to Liberty, but it really is just about the best option for a fully online M.Div.
  8. StefanM

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    Another option that LU offers is to complete an M.A. in Religion (45 hours). After this, you can transfer all of the credits into the MDiv. It's a great way to get two degrees for the price of one.
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    Denver Seminary offers an online M.Div. and is accredited by NCA and ATS.
    Denver Seminary > Master of Divinity Degree

    Northwest Nazarene University's School of Theology & Christian Ministries offers the M.Div. online and is accredited by NWCCU.
    Northwest Nazarene University: Master of Divinity Tracks

    Payne Theological Seminary (AMEC) offers an online M.Div. and is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS). However, 90 credit hours of which 2/3, or 60 credits, may be gained through online courses, with the remaining 1/3, or 30 credits, thru residency credits.
    The Online Master of Divinity Program > Programs

    Amridge University (formerly Southern Christian University) (SACS accredited): Turner School of Theology
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    Thanks for all of your help. This has helped tremendously and Im going to look in to several of these.
  12. Haggai12

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    I fully agree with these recommendations.

    I might also add that South African Theological Seminary is an excellent school, and very friendly to Evangelicals / Pentecostals. Cost will be significantly less than any US school, and they are fully accredited by the South African government.

    I can assure you that SATS is no easy degree. Their MTh is quite rigorous and you will have the added benefit of growing culturally.

    If you are Pentecostal, you should also consider the fully accredited and very affordable Auckland Park Theological Seminary -- Aucklandpark Theological Seminary

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