Online High schools for Washington State - questions for anyone who can help

Discussion in 'High School Education via Distance Learning' started by Tripper11, Dec 12, 2011.

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    Hi, I hope this is the right forum.

    I'm looking for any information on accredited online high schools for Washington state.
    Currently a brick and mortor is not working well for my daughter. She's in grade 9 and is an excellent student. She's been able to maintain an A average for the most part.

    I've been googling and doing some of my own research(just began this weekend) and have been checking out some of the schools reviews and ratings at

    My wife and I are hoping that we can find something that will keep her at grade level, or exceed for that matter(she was in a couple honours classes).
    I'm not sure if that's too much to ask.

    Thanks in advance for any information.
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    While I was in Seattle area, my daughter did her 9th grade from Insight school of Washington (Tuition-Free Online High School | Insight School of Washington). I chose this school upon recommendation by Tom Nixon. It was a great school, and my daughter enjoyed studying there. The teachers are very helpful, and the school counselors are very interactive and full of suggestions and help.
    Unfortunately I had to move to another state, and my daughter is continuing her studies at Penn Foster.
  5. LinfieldADP

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    Why do you want to turn to online high school? It sounds like she is succeeding greatly. I'm only afraid that the change in learning environment could backfire. How is it going?
  6. msganti

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    I wanted her to attend a B&M school - but it's her choice to go online (she is 18+).
    She is doing good - though PennFoster is not as motivational as Insight. It's understandable and expected, as PennFoster is an online-only, while Insight is both Online + B&m. She just needs to complete 3 more courses to graduate.
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    Have you looked into the Chrysalis School?
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