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    Does anyone know of any public Ed.S. programs that are available entirely online? I'm particularly interested in learning resources, school library media, reading/children's literature, etc. Really, though, I'll appreciate any information you can provide on online-only Ed.S. programs offered by regional or state universities.

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    Valdosta's Ed.S.

    Cogent, was the Ed.S. at Valdosta State more a technology degree or one on distance education? What did you think of the faculty? The time to completion? I'm interested in learning more about this program from a graduate.

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    on the VSU Ed.S. Program

    lesann, I was recruited into the VSU Ed.S. program by the then director in 1999. We were going back and forth on issues that he was interested in, and then he asked if I wanted to work on an Ed.S. in the first class. It was by no means a blow off program. I had to write a thesis for the Ed.S., which was pretty rigorous. The program had a mix of technology and management and instructional design. You could really get deep in the weeds on a topic of interest in the thesis.

    Here is another piece on the program: And even more at One More! If you do this program, you will publish your thesis in this online journal (I did; email me and I'll send you the link to my work):
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    Re: on the VSU Ed.S. Program

    I'm curious: if you had to write a thesis anyway, why not just do an EdD/PhD in Education?

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    Why not a doctorate?

    Steve, good question... every situation is different. I was and still am a community college professor. The Ed.S. was staring me in the face and it was a fairly quick way to more money if I did the work. Heck, I later went on to do an MBA online (AACSB accredited, too). I'm now in a fantastic Ed.D. program from Northern Arizona University. At the time in 1999, I really could not find a suitable doctorate that didn't want significant butt in the seat time. I was personally not about to slouch down to tempe at that mega-versity there to fight traffic, pay $600 plus for parking, and take classes whenever the professors wanted to offer them. NAU now has a much more work friendly doctorate, so I went with them.
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    EdS v. EdD/PhD

    I understand the desire to get the EdS v. the EdD/PhD. I'd definitely go for the EdS if I could find a program I like -- it's a quick way to more money and to an advanced degree. I just wish I could find a program I like. I'm still looking, though.
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    The Webster University webpage says they have an Education Specialist (Ed.S.) in School Systems, Superintendency and Leadership Major as an online program.

    Tuition online at Webster isn't exactly low but it's not incredibly high either.
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    Ed.S. in Reading

    Anyone know of an online school, other than Nova, that offers an Ed.S. in Reading, Literacy, and/or Children's Literature?
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