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  1. Rohan

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    I completed by Masters in computer science recently and looking for a regionally accredited college offering online Doctorate in computer science. I saw some in the posts like CTU and Nova but those are very expensive. I am looking for one that has tuition in the range of ~$300 per credit. Any thoughts ?

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    The admission to CTU is easy, but Nova Southeastern University is not. I am speaking from my own personal experience. While, you're looking for ~$300 per credit for Doctorate degree is impossible, especially in STEM fields. These schools know that STEM fields are for money makers. Therefore, tuition is very expensive...if you plan to be in the professional realm. A national accreditation program at Aspen University would serve your purpose, unless you want to be in the academia. Even though the program at Aspen University costs you more than $300.00 per credit; to be exact....$307.50 - $350.00 per credit.
  3. Jeff Walker

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    Dakota State appears to be the least expensive US-based option for an IS doctorate. Of course, it's not CS. Not sure that matters much to most people.
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  5. Rohan

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    Question for those enrolled at Dakota state university. How did you get 3 Forms of Recommendation for the D-Sc ?
  6. jam937

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    I am interested in a doctorate but I don't want any loans so I could afford around $30k.
    What are some online computer related doctorates that are around $30k or less? Some trips to campus are Ok.
    - Dakota State ~$28k
    - Pace Univ. ~$66k
    - Nova ~$65k
    - Capella ~$60k
    - CTU ~$60k

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