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    Hello all -
    Almost at the end of my online MPA program at University of Baltimore, I'm starting to look at going for a PhD. I'm not entirely sure in what field, but am definitely leaning towards public policy/administration. I am really interested in family/children programs and the interplay between local/state/federal governments and policies. I work full-time and therefore can't commit to a traditional brick and mortar program. I've looked at some DPA programs, but to be honest, I think if I go for a doctorate, I'd rather go for a PhD. I've seen that Walden has a program, but just not sure if I want to enroll there. There is a PhD program at University Maryland Baltimore County that I think allows for PT evening students, but would really prefer online if possible. I know I seem to be asking for the sun, moon, and stars, but does anyone know of any brick and mortar university that offers a PhD via online/distance learning instruction in public policy/administration or related field?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Any reason why? Other than the name, there isn't any difference in degree requirements that I'm aware of. Valdosta State probably has the best online PA program out there, and it's a DPA.

    Public Administration Programs at VSU
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    My experience is that a DPA and Ph.D. in public administration are accepted as equal in the public sector. Most universities will consider them as equal....not all.
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    I have now decided to apply to the Valdosta State Univ DPA program. Hopefully, I will perform well enough on the GRE to make the cut? In any event, it looks like a great program and is very affordable. Since I work in the public sector it should easy apply to what I am doing now and any future goals.
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    Good luck with your testing, etc. Please let us know how you're progressing (when you have a moment).

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