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    I believe admissions desires a "writing sample." May I suggest you submit one of your recently submitted papers from the Lamar University program? With that said, the VUL DHA program uses APA-style writing and Turnitin as a plagiarism tool. Additionally, one of my professors ran my assignments through Grammarly and suggested I purchase the service to help me submit a higher quality of writing which is certainly expected at the doctoral level. Not an excuse, but I speak three languages and haven't mastered any of them. Grammarly is an excellent tool that offers a limited free version as well!
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    As always, seek clarification from the school.
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    I definitely recommend Grammarly premium. I've been using it since 2019. I thought I wouldn't need it after my Ph.D. However, I find it useful for ongoing research, work emails, and even when giving feedback to my students.
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