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    I am a student and I was never asked to spy or infiltrate a forum. This is the first time I have read such an accusation against VUL.
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    Good Afternoon MasterChief,

    First of all, thank you for your service!

    In regards to posting on this forum, don't get rattled by flame-provoking interjections. My advice is to simply ignore it. I enjoy reading the pros and cons when evidence is presented. You are a student and I am now a graduate. I am also not a "Spy" sent to infiltrate Degree Info forums! I work in healthcare and really don't have a lot of time to participate in these types of discussions. I thought I could pass on some helpful insights from the perspective of a first cohort student and now graduate. Plain and simply said, I loved the program, school, students, and faculty.

    When I mentioned LU, the context was not about "competition." It was more about the magnitude of a beautiful, well-funded university in Lynchburg, VA contrasted with a struggling, albiet still beautiful Christian HBCU in the same town.

    Thanks for reading my post.

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    They're not going to put out a school-wide announcement. I know at least one woman who's been reporting information from an "unofficial" school group to the administration. Now, she controls the group even though she didn't create it.
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    VUL or Liberty? When I had applied to Liberty their DBA program I got emails and phone calls weekly and a much higher rate then both Capella and Trident which two for profits. As far as social media I think many schools monitor and secretly promote their offerings.
  5. felderga

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    I agree with you Chris. It's ridiculous to think VUL will ever compete with Liberty unless Oprah and 2 dozen of her deep pocket friends donate a couple billion dollars into facilities and the endowment. VUL focus while offering a DHA should remain helping the diamond in rough students attain a college degree. This has always been the mission of many HBCUs in helping those who are first in the family students or those from an undeserved background. Liberty has a completely different mission at this point as it aspires to break into upper tier universities.

    Lastly Liberty has pretty good D1 football program this year. VUL has a lower tier non NCAA program that has lost its first games by 0-54 & 14-50 scores.
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    VUL. These weren't marketing calls. I recommended VUL to hundreds of people, and dozens of them decided to apply. Not only was the school misleading when it came to the limitations of their accreditation, but they also called some of the people who posted criticism online. So, I'm no longer recommending the school to healthcare professionals.
  7. felderga

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    One of things that I have struggled with is getting VUL to do a better job promoting itself. I was attracted to the program partially by having an opportunity to give back (at least in tuition support). I've started an alumni group on LinkedIn as a means hopefully for networking and giving back in the future (maybe alumni fundraiser or helping undergrads get their foot in the door someplace). I've tried to raise the need for VUL to have a presence on LinkedIn but thus far its been crickets. The website for the school has been under construction for the past 6 months. Honestly I think they are a bit overwhelmed with managing this program as it has grown a lot faster than expected. Also I think at the same time they are a bit nervous anything negative that could impact this newfound revenue stream. For now the Facebook group is just for general questions. There some fake students in the group who were trying to sell tutoring services that had to be removed.
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    That's disappointing to hear. Obviously the school is going thru growing pains and once I graduate I hope with the help of my classmates to provide some constructive feedback as I really would Ike to share what needs to change for VUL to succeed going forward.

    As for the accreditation it's there in plain slight that it's TRACS. I think students need to do their homework as well around what that might mean as some companies only reimburse for Regionally Accredited schools (although this practice is changing for many). A TRACS degree probably won't land you teaching at Regionally Accredited program but still can be helpful for some part time or junior college positions. From a professional standpoint while a DHA is nice having a top tier MHA from a school like University of Minnesota or Michigan is way better.
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  9. sanantone

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    I promoted the school in groups where Black professionals were looking for graduate degree programs. I didn't expect so many to apply.
  10. felderga

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    For VUL it's timing could not have been better with folks stuck in a health pandemic along with social justice issues have made HBCUs popular again. Add in a price point that is extremely reasonable and remove the dissertation requirement and now you have a high demand program.

    And its not just VUL as most graduate public health and health care management programs have seen a rise in enrollment this year thanks to COVID.
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    I agree that prospective students "need to do their homework." VUL is very transparent on its website. It is TRACS accredited and received renewal until 2031. It is an HBCU. The DHA is offered online. It utilizes Harvard Business Review for study materials. The professors in the DHA program are doctoral degree holders with degrees obtain from schools other than VUL. As far as tuition reimbursement, I simply made a copy of the school's recognition from the United States Department of Education and submitted it with the final grades and my institution had no problem with the school. DAPIP | Location Profile (

    It's an accredited professional doctorate! Nothing to be ashamed about but please do your "homework" to see if it fits your needs! To be truthful. my only concern is the enrollment of up to 100 doctoral students a semester. With that said, the school did hire many qualified doctoral faculty to accommodate. I always had my emails answered and coursework graded promptly. The zoom conferences had numerous participants and if you wanted to actively participate in the virtual classroom, there was always ample time. Overall, it was a great experience!

    Alpine, DHA
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    Hi Ryan,

    Where do you teach at?
  13. chrisjm18

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    It might get you an adjunct gig at an RA school. Liberty adjunct positions specify that "All degrees must be earned from an institution recognized by the U.S. Department of Education."

    I'm yet to see an LU adjunct with an NA degree, though. There are a lot with for-profit doctorates, but these are from RA schools like Walden, Capella, Phoenix, and so on.
  14. sanantone

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    Knowing that the school is accredited by TRACS is not enough. Telling students that there are no differences in acceptability because the last administration got rid of the national and regional accreditation categories is inaccurate. Many schools have not changed their policies.
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    This has already been talked about. The posts I've read on DI indicate the need for prospective students to do their homework before enrolling! I did my homework and the organization I work for has no issues in "acceptability" of TRACS accreditation. As far as I am concerned, VUL gave full disclosure of this type of accreditation with no deception. It was simple to verify and fully disclosed on their website. VUL is not regionally accredited for the nth time! I get it and I don't care! Those who do should look elsewhere!

    As a side note, The United Negro College Fund was very generous in funding some of the graduation expenses this year at VUL. My very sincere appreciation to the UNCF. They are certainly on my radar as a deserving organization for much-needed donations and hope those reading this will consider donating to this fine organization.
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  16. sanantone

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    Prospective students should do their homework. It doesn't excuse the school from lying or giving inaccurate information when students ask whether the accreditation could hinder them from meeting a certain goal, usually becoming a college instructor or professor. Telling students that there is no difference in utility between regional and national accreditation is being deceptive.
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  17. felderga

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    Thanks Alpine for again restating the Pros and Cons when it comes to the accreditation argument. Giving back is again what drove me to VUL despite its flaws and shortcomings. Hopefully once I become a graduate I can help address area for improvement along with the input of fellow graduates. Giving to UNCF is also something on my radar as well. If we don't protect our historical and legacy schools who will.

    On a side note if someone wants to further their doctoral education I would suggest looking into EdD completion programs as one possibility (it all depends if the school will accept NA credits). I have units at Trident University in their DBA program and might inquire if this would be an option for me (or I could pick up where I left off). At any rate $15K for a professional doctorate and helping an legacy institution prosper has been a well worth investment and experience thus far.
  18. Alpine

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    Since you are quoting my post, let's be clear, I (Alpine) am not telling students about the difference in utility between regional and national accreditation. Your accusations of deception are possibly against the school administration of which I do not belong! To quote me for this post then in the second sentence say, 'Telling students that there is no difference in utility between regional and national accreditation is being deceptive" is something I never did and to suggest so is actually misleading, inaccurate, and a lie!
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    Since we now have graduates, what was the capstone requirements for the degree like in practice?

    Am I the only one who reads the curriculum and entrance requirements and thinks this degree feels more akin to an Ed.S. than a doctorate? Not that a specialist exists in this field as a degree level, of course.
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  20. Alpine

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    The "capstone" to the program consists of 3 practicums in leadership, research, and teaching with a small cohort of 5 students.

    1. The teaching practicum consisted of developing a graduate course in teaching healthcare leadership and learning to utilize the technology to develop a curriculum, instruct and evaluate students.
    2. Being specific, the leadership practicum consisted of finding a member of the cohort that held a position of leadership within their organization and through teamwork evaluation tools showed a need for healthcare team strengthening through consultation services provided by other team members. It culminated in a final group paper with an evaluation tool of the effectiveness of the consultation services to be given one year after the implementation of recommended interventions. A live conference lecture of findings and results was required of each cohort in front of faculty and peers.
    3. The research practicum and project consisted of the cohort working together to produce a paper worthy of publication through a review of the literature. A live presentation was given to faculty and peers with questions and for lack of a better word, defense. Whether the paper is published or not is irrelevant.
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