Northcentral University's Increasing Tuition

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by basrsu, Dec 24, 2008.

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    I still remember their(NCU) pre-accreditation days when they charged $180/credit.
    After accreditation it was about $200/credit for a few days i think.

    for $1,574.50/course you can get a AACSB MBA from TAMUC.
    I know there are a few other schools like Jacksonville state with a much lower tuition rate for a AACSB MBA.
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    We had the dotcom bubble pop in the 1980 and the real estate bubble pop in the 2000. When is the “higher education” bubble going to pop? Tuition prices have been ridiculous for a long time now. I just dropped out of TUI due to their recent tuition increase (I refused to pay more). Isn’t Northcentral University completely online? In reality they should be able to undercut tuition rates of all the brick and mortar school as they have way less operating costs.
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    Oh well, what can you do? It is just an incentive for me to finish faster. I paid just under $800 per class for the certificate program at UF and now the class are $2,000.
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    At least military tuition rates will remain the same, for now.
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    It was late 1990s.
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    Exactly. I am moving very fast now!
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    They also added per class registration fees and increased the "technology" fee.

    In bad economic times educations does very well, I guess.
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    My goal is to finish by late 2009 or early 2010.
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    All schools do the same, they increase the tuition once very semester.
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    I want to finish before 2010 is over, for many reasons. So, I am shooting an ambitious campaign to finish asap and procrastination it out of the formula.
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    Want to race?? ;)
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    Sure. LOL!
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    I find it strange, as both an employee of a community college and a PhD "Learner" at NCU, that more people don't see the irony in retaining a personal expectation for an annual pay increase, while at the same time retaining a belief that college tuition rates should remain static. I expected a pay increase this year from my employer, thus I expect my employer's operating costs have increased, and as tuition is the main source of revenue, I expected us to raise tuition.

    As NCU is my 3rd institution and my 8th year as a higher ed student, I can say that each year, at every institution I've attended, my tuition has increased between 5% and 12%.

    As an employee at a local CC, I can also testify to the costs involved with operating. At NCU we are paying for flexibility and freedom. I could not do my degree at another institution for 3 basic reasons:
    1. My schedule
    2. My financial scenario
    3. I (Like all of you) would NOT have been accepted into a PhD at Harvard, Yale, Princeton - I also find it strange that some folks expect a Bently education for the price of a Kia... Get over it. You're getting what you paid for.

    At the CC we have static semester start dates, leaving plenty of time for our students to plan out schedules. Unfortunately, we deal with a significant number of course withdrawls and transfers once a semester begins. If a student withdraws from a class before it starts, we refund tuition but it does not change the administrative costs we incur as part of it. I can only imagine that NCU deals with a significant number of course withdrawls - If fewer students withdrew I highly doubt NCU would need to charge this new $25 registration fee which I'd bet is to cover the overhead costs involved with course enrollment processing. If a student registers for a course and then withdraws, NCU gives back the tuition, but NCU still has the expense. Why should a college just eat the cost of flakey students? You should be complaining to the other students who withdraw or roll, not to the college.

    If you don't like the affordable rates at NCU, go somewhere else and try to find a PhD online for under $30K. For me, I'll deal with my disatisfaction around the rate increase and keep it in perspective.

    I expect a raise from my employer, therefore I expect my employer's operating costs to increase. All colleges are businesses.
    I expect to pay 2-3 times what I'm paying at NCU even under the new tuition/fees, if I want to transfer.
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    NCU charges $50 for withdrawal.

    They are not, but I suspect many student do other stuff like changing dates for enrollment of class and or mentors etc.. and they are closing in the loophole.
    There are cheaper options but not RA accredited and some are in Africa. NCU is closing the gap between other competitors and soon the only thing they will offer is flexibility and not affordability. So, they will need to come out with other strategies to compete with other institutions.

    So do I, but I am willing to give it up for bailout.

    Agree, people like me, almost done it would not make sense to leave, besides they came up with one of my favorites specialization.

    Welcome to the board, and keep a positive attitude.
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    I agree 100%. I knew that this would happen, once NCU achieved RA status -- and knew that it would be just a matter of time. It's gradual. Eventually, NCU will cost as much as Walden, TUI, Argosy and all the other online alternatives. I'd give it another 10 years and then it will cost about as much as them. However, it's still a less alternative for a doctorate, at the time of this writing. The only less expensive alternative is to enroll in a B&M state university that is taxpayer subsidized.
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    You are too kind, I'll bet, it will be before the time you estimated. When I am done with this animal, that is it for me. The only thing left for me, will be the CPA certification. It is what it is.
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