NJ Governor wants to merge TESC into Rutgers

Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by scaredrain, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. cookderosa

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    When I called TESC last week, they told me that they had no idea about if/when anything would happen. They did say that there should be more news next month.
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    Yeah, this is a wait and watch right now. As soon as my excess financial aid money gets in (circa August), the rest of my "test out" credits will be taken. Right now I'm hammering the FEMA courses to ensure that they at least are accepted.
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    Interesting. I think maybe a unique organization like TESC would be drowned in the giant bureaucracy that is Rutgers. They might be better advised to merge TESC with Montclair State University, the largest and most successful in recent years of New Jersey's old "teachers college" system.

    I have to admit, Rutger's has the best research libraries. Back when I went to New Jersey City University for my masters in Criminal Justice, I used to sneak over to Rutgers Newark to do research. It made my life a lot easier. Mrs. Schultz, who ran the CJ Library at Rutgers, was the most helpful librarian I ever met. She would ask you what you were looking for and then offer you to a seat and she would just pile exactly what you looking for right down on the table in front of you. Was she real or an angel from heaven?
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    There never was an updated posted in this thread, but the merger is off the table, Rutgers and TESC are each happily on their merry way.
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    :hmmm: Some might say that these are not mutually exclusive categories.

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