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    We've dealt with Nations, who provided free education overseas. As for U. of the People - much the same thing. As you say, they began unaccredited in 2009. During those early years they provided free education - no tuition, no fees. In 2012 they received a grant of close to $700K from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to pursue accreditation - and were accredited in 2014.

    If Nexford wants to teach for free until they get some Micro$oft money for accreditation - fine with me. Haven't seen such an offer, so far.
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    Honestly, who gives a shit about generalisations like that?

    When it comes to UoPeople I have personally met a refugee from Greece who had literally nothing when he entered Europe and with the help of UNHCR staff he found UoPeople, applied and today has a BSc in BA without paying a single penny while he is currently enjoying a good paying job in Athens. That in my eyes shows that UoPeople is a decent University that actually helps people in need.
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    We might agree on the value of UPeople but I also recognize that this board is full of opinions, many of them based on insufficient information.
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    The team is very unprofessional. They take over 2months to respond to emails. In absence of a representative there is no one to take charge. They do not abide by commitments made to channel partners. I would rather recommend a student to take a full time course rather than spending so much on online courses which have not much value.
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