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    Hello, I'm new to this bulletin board, (introduced to it by Alan). I've recently enrolled for the PhD at Monterrey (can't get used to the new name yet) - I really did my homework well, before I sent my $100. I've had contact with the university and so far I've been impressed with the questions they ask, the information they've asked me to submit, the way they're examining each of my grad classes, and with their inquiry responses. I checked with UNESCO, and even went so far as to call quite a few USA company and schools to see what they thought of the university. All in the academic world could care less where a PhD comes from since so many US professors have obtained their degree from places outside the U.S. I'm going to continue reading the threads here because there are quite a few of them. I'd like to see if I'm missing any information that I hadn't thought to check on before signing up. Thank you, Mary
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    Qoute from ponotoc2

    I've had contact with the university and so far I've been impressed with the questions they ask, the information they've asked me to submit, the way they're examining each of my grad classes, and with their inquiry responses.

    A kind of interesting statment. When you say University re you talking about the CEU which offers a few Masters and no Phds or are you talking about the MIGS boiler room operation?

    Best Regards,
    Dave Hayden
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    Dave, this is really getting interesting - everything I've gotten lately is labled CEU and all phone responses have been referenced as being from CEU - and I AM going towards a PhD. Mary
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    Why does this sound "planted"? Hopefully, Mary is sincere and will find the program that meets her needs, should she enroll in MIGS.

    Rich Douglas
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    I think you did a pretty good job explaining why. I came to the same likely conclusion myself.
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    Rich, Sorry - you asked me who Alan is - Alan was referred to me by someone at MIGS when I first started to enquire about actively enrolled students there. Alan suggested that I read the posts on this bulletin board. Mary
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    >>with whom did you speak at UNESCO, and what did he/she say? And which companies did you speak with and what could they possibly say about this obscure little school in Monterrey, Mexico?

    I contacted the deputy director "IAU/UNESCO Information Centre on Higher Education Unesco House" in rue Miollis in France - by email. She FAXed me the page showing the listing for "CEU / Monterrey". All she said in her email was that "CEU / Monterrey" was founded in 1970, recognized in good standing.

    I also spoke with a native teacher from Mexico City who had nothing negative to say about CEU - she mentioned that in her country the school was considered 'good'.

    And I spoke with a man who works for the Archdiocese of St. Louis who has a son who graduated from CEU years ago.

    As you can see, I really researched, and after doing so for three months, I'm still left wondering.... Mary
  9. Hmm. I've talked to a few dozen professors and several business execs. The general opinions I gathered from them were: Having a master's degree can make a big difference in business; having a PhD is of questionable value. Having an advanced degree from a university that is as prestigious as possible, *that* matters in academe. And like it or not, you can find a good bit of distrust of and disdain for distance learning among academics. Of course, this is just anecdotal evidence from both of us -- anyone out there have evidence from surveys or statistics or such?
    Of course they aren't "accredited" in the US system of accreditation by associations recognized by the US Department of Education. And why should they be? They aren't U.S universities. However, I expect they'd be recognized as meeting generally accepted accreditation standards. Suppose a university wants to hire a French professor; one candidate has a Ph.D. from UMSL and one from the Sorbonne -- you know they'll go for the prestige. If it's CEU vs. UMSL ....

    Kristin Evenson Hirst
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    Have you checked the actual site for CEU and the direct link to the distance learning program? Also,with their listing in the UNESCO handbook, they are GAAP. Granted the Florida site is a bit messy, all my communiction has gone through the Monterrey campus. I am interested in a PhD in Psychology,and am impressed with the faculty. I have not found a RA school that is as reasonably priced and meets the requirements for licensure as a psychologist in California and also eligible for membership in the APA,(non RA PhD's are not eligible for membership even if licensed.

  13. Timmy Ade

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    Please listen to me.This is a good forum for a lot of reasons,But do not get caught in the BROOHAHA that goes on around here particularly when it comes to the issue of MIGS/CEU.
    There is a clear case of "anti Migs crusade"
    on this forum. There is nothing and I do mean nothing that you can say or offer, that will change a flock of pretty biased minded folks. My personal advise to you is that if you're satisfied with the reliability of your
    research and fact fiding initiatives, you better just go on ahead with your program.if you are looking to rationalize your decision, then stick around. but I guarrantee you if you are not carefull and alert,by next week at the latest, You'll be thanking folks for SPINING your head out gear (without even knowing it.)

    Timmy ade urging mary to pursue her plans and avoid distractions .
  14. Rich Douglas

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    There is no "crusade" against MIGS. In fact, several of us were pretty positive about the whole thing in the beginning. I was enthused enough to agree to barter my services for a free ride. But even that proved to be too expensive in terms of credibility and peace of mind, so I left.

    Almost no one posts opinions about MIGS anymore; the facts themselves are depressing enough.

    Finally, if the discussion about MIGS is "distracting," imagine actually trying to pursue one of their degrees. No, people should find out all they know about any program before enrolling. But normally there isn't this much to find out!

    BTW, Mary e-mailed me. There is a distinct possibility she is a sincere seeker of a DL doctoral program. Without getting into details, she spoke with the same Florida official that I did regarding MIGS and got the same negative reaction.

    My advice to Mary: be very sure the money, effort, and (especially) the hassles of enrolling in a MIGS program will result in a useable Ph.D. After doing free work for them for a year, I could not.

    Rich Douglas
  15. Rich Douglas

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    There is considerable doubt as to whether or not a Ph.D. earned in this fashion will be recognized as such. As for licensure, your statement is a huge leap, since even MIGS states that the degree program is not designed for licensure.

    I, too, am quite dubious regarding all of this activity regarding MIGS. Another reason for adding some front-end identity security around here.

    Rich Douglas
  16. Timmy Ade

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    Rich You said, "I, too, am quite dubious regarding all of this activity regarding MIGS. Another reason for adding some front-end identity security around here."

    Should we will then take this as yet another proof that this forum is not interested in anything that is out of tune with the major players thinking.? Secondly Rich you keep talking about CEU having no prior experience in handling doctoral work .Ok valid observation, again a quality issue and not illegality. Thirdly there are bunch of RA schools here in the US that are in the same class, good example will be Toro international U.
    I can tell you as a matter of fact that back in New York in the 80's if you are a student in Toro College you dare not mention it outside, because folks will look at you as a left over, That was how badly rated the school was. Infact other more expensive schools like Hofstra University in particular was seen as a playground for Very Rich White Kids.
    Others Like Long island U, Pace U & New York institute of Technology were in worst condition than Rodney Dangerfield. Infact yours truly left New York Tech. grads School for this reason. But today, all these schools are doing much better; they've gone into big and better things. My point as peter French pointed out is simple, MIGS did not hit the ground running as expected, but you 'ill expect huddles in things of this nature (at the early stage) they are still new, they are still making corrections. and regarding the Florida issue well maybe you or someone else can point out the part of Florida's law that makes it illegal for a foreign University to operate an Administrative office therein.

    I too spoke with some folks in Migs, and they told me that they are not interested in running any University campus/program out of Florida (at least not anymore). But instead they said they only need an admin. Office to help their US based students. This is not illegal as far as I know. If it is, I like to know. Because inspite of all said about MIGS, it is still on my own short list of possibilities and I am still looking around. Finally I like to thank you and all especially Russel & Ike for some helpful information offered me.

    Timmy Ade who have nothing to do with MIGS yet
  17. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    Normally, I refrain from mentioning language, spelling and punctuation. But if you're going to comment on or criticize Touro College, at least show us you can spell it. It detracts from your credibility just a tad.

    Touro University International was included into Touro College's accreditation. If you had done your reading, you would find that I frequently used that as an analogy for the MIGS situation with the CEU. This, along with the GST/Potch arrangement, actually supports the notion of the MIGS/CEU arrangement. You see, I've been on both sides of this debate, now, so I'm familiar with arguments pro and con.

    What is illegal is the operation of a school (MIGS) from Florida without that state's licensure and permission to do so. This is aggravated by the fact that MIGS's application for licensure was turned away as insufficient. Yet they still operate from Fort Lauderdale, despite the Mexican mailbox dodge.

    Yes, new schools programs should be given the benefit of the doubt. But if you knew your history on this matter, you would realize that the people that run MIGS have long ago exhausted any such benefit. There is no longer any doubt. And yes, running an administrative office from Florida without the state's permission IS illegal. Take the time to read the statute on this matter. Or take a look at the state's website where you will find listed other schools operating adminstrative offices, WITH the state's approval.

    Oh, and this business about running an "administrative office" is a lot of bull. All the academics for MIGS are run from Florida by Bruce Forman. MIGS has no other location; they certainly aren't running the academic programs, as Steve would say, from freakin' Mexico!

    Why would any legitimate operation running degree programs on behalf of a school do so many deceptive, questionable, illegal, stupid, and ignorant things?

    Rich Douglas
  18. Timmy Ade

    Timmy Ade New Member


    I am not offended by your typical “CYBER BULLY TACTICS”

    You are neither Charles Dickens Nor William Shakespeare. Touro, Tuoro,Toro who gives a SH.. ? My point was clear. By the way which less than Wonderful R.A school are you now enrolled? And why is it a secret?

    I learnt it started from Union,then to MIGS and now to where Touro, Tuoro / Toro ?

    Wherever it is I am sure you’ll soon find faults with them also.

    Enjoy your weekend Captain.

    Timmy Ade urging Capt. Rich Douglas to spend more time on his seemingly interminable Doctoral work, instead of correcting people’s grammar on the Internet.
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    What front end security are you referring to? I have chosen the option 'show signature.' If you wish to contact me via [email protected],please feel free to so. Actually, I am also considering Charles Sturt's PhD or PsYD as well.

    Regarding licensure,the courses at Monterrey are similiar to those at Union. In addition, the Board of Psychologyin California has specific requirements for Foreign degree both in regards to Academics and also internship hours. Monterrey is agreeble to the desiging my program to meet those requirements. In additions my two masters degrees(Rehabilitation Counseling from California State University, Fressno, and Masters of Divinity from American Baptist Seminary of the West from the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley,CA have provided me with relevent academic experience.

  20. ponotoc2

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    >>MIGS's application for licensure was turned away as insufficient.

    I called the State Board of Independent College and Universities in Missouri and asked about the board in Florida (the two directors are friends), and asked why MIG's application was turned down - I was told that it was because Mexico's criteria for earning degrees is different than the U.S., and when I asked if it was because MIGs was insufficient in some way, the woman told me only that MIG's was missing a few items that the U.S. requires, but she added that that goes for all degrees granted in a different country than ours. Thought this was interesting. Mary

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