New Opportunities, Long Challenges in Postsecondary Education in Prisons

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  1. Jonathan Whatley

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    End of Pell Grant Ban Clears the Way for New Wave of Prison E ducation Programs: One graduate says California spent $1.5 million to lock him up for 21 years: 'I earned a bachelor’s degree for under $30,000 & now I’m paying taxes.' (Wayne D’Orio, The 74: America's Education News Source, September 13, 2023)
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    Fascinating. There really do seem to be daunting challenges turning this into a reality for incarcerated people. I hope Roscoe or Matt chime in, I know this is in their wheelhouse.
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  3. Rich Douglas

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    Some readers may know that I worked in prisons for several years. My takes:

    • Only two things directly rehabilitate inmates
      • Meaningful Work
      • Education
      • Everything else can contribute, especially medical and family care for women
    • Incarceration serves several societal purposes
      • Separating the felon from society for a period of time
      • Punishment
      • Rehabilitation
      • Revenge
    • The vast majority of inmates will return to society. We are better served if they're more likely to re-assimilate into society through rehabilitation
    • The Pell Grant program
      • Offered a great number of opportunities to pay for educational programs for inmates
      • Was ripe for abuse by, let's face it, people not given to follow rules
    • I'd like to see robust educational opportunities for inmates, and I believe it would be a good investment
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    Sorry, Rich, didn't mean to exclude you. You've literally done so many things in higher ed that I can't keep them all straight.
  5. Rich Douglas

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    Not the point of my comment. I didn't feel excluded one little bit. Just establishing a bona fide for my comment for those who didn't know about my first hand experience.

    As for the plethora of things I've done, it's a function of advanced age.
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