New MBA offerer in Barcelona, collaborates with English universities

Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by TeacherBelgium, Sep 4, 2020.

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    If it is still interesting for anyone: likely, they use the UK standard CATS system. 2 CATS = approx. 1 ECTS.
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    Sorry, Johann. The Swiss School is no secret. It was a big thread on here. You can read all about it:

    Also in this: , Stanislav gave some background in the "Groupon" thread involving several Ukrainian Schools with partnerships abroad. I think that was in direct response to a question from you:

    The Ukrainian school I was talking about was Taras Shevchenko National U. A very prestigious school - but that can't be said of the separate distance school that was set up. The degrees of that "wing" do not have the same recognition as degrees of the Mother School. I believe the person at Taras Shevchenko U who set up the MOU or whatever they had later regretted it and the deal was cancelled. At least, I got that impression from Stanislav's always-reliable information.

    The Polish school that offered DBAs, which are not a recognized award in Poland was University of Dąbrowa Górnicza, Other than this one lapse, it has a very good reputation.

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  3. Johann

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    If anybody's interested - you can get a very classy-looking DBA for $500. Right here - from me. I'll print it; it's from Die Alte und Freie Universität von Johann
    Cost in English: $500. In German: $600. In Latin: $800. All three on one wall-size diploma: $1,000. :)
    And since this is Canada, eh, we'll throw in a French copy, free with your order.

    Our other products include a Master's in Leathercraft from École Supérieure Louis Vuitton and a J.D. from Old Jack Daniels University. :)
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  4. There are better offers, Johann.
    Pamela Anderson offers a PhD for less than 500 usd dollars in tittology and boob-sciences thought by Kim Kardashian and Britney Spears. I even heard there is a mandatory internship in a nursing home for the tittology classes :p

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  5. Johann

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    Whoops! We're suddenly in Donald Trump's territory, are we?. No - I'm not personally offended, Vincent, but this is not the place.
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  6. Haha Pamela university has more standing than Trump's university though but hey, I agree :)
    For more details, contact Pam herself ^^

    On a serious note:

    If I want to report the Veer offer to Groupon so that they can ban their advertising, how would I do so?
  7. They quickly removed the 120 promised CAT credits from their advertising on Groupon, thinking that they would be safe.
    I I have screenshotted it though.
    Veer is going to be in for a surprise.
  8. Johann

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  9. Thanks, Johann. Will report them to Groupon and add all gathered proofs.
    Have already reported them to Chichester and to the Swiss school which turned out to be
    Will also report to Spanish ministry of education.
    Actions have consequences.
  10. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    deleted -J.
  11. Will read up on it.
    I know that Ous is associated with a polish and Ukraine uni that are shady.
    Ous is not my main target.
    I hope that Chichester uni is going to drop aspire business school and veer as soon as they have read my email.
    If they keep associating with them I'm so sure this is going to end up a press scandal.

    Aspire business school is a ticking time bomb. Can't wait to see it explode.
  12. Mac Juli

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    Strongly agree. I would like to add that the correct academic term should be "senology" anyway.
  13. Mac Juli

    Mac Juli Active Member

    Did I get this right, the swiss partner of Veer Online Education is - Explains a lot.
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  14. Oui.
    Their '' top notch '' school was

    No top notch school in other words.
    Like I said, can't wait to see this time bomb explode.

    Hope Chichester drops them like a hot potato because this won't look good for them either if they endorse these amateur institutes' degrees.

    Hope my email will have sped up things a bit.
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  15. Mac Juli

    Mac Juli Active Member

    Guess this is unlikely, regarding the fact that Uni Chichester cooperates with a surprisingly high amount of strange institutions (but my opinion should not discourage you to try your best)!
  16. I have threatened with contacting the press too.
    Sure that that must make them think a bit...
    What school loves negative publicity?

    I mean seriously, look at that Veer website...
    You should call them. You will get personnel on the phone that doesn't master basic English. That guy from earlier, I should have recorded him. What a laugh. His sentences, his grammar. And this kind of person teaches courses there.
    Oh well...
  17. Mac Juli

    Mac Juli Active Member

  18. What will it be tommorrow? A certificate?
    And the day after, a nanodegree?
    I'm so glad I asked advice before purchasing that wacko programme.
  19. Stanislav

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    Thanks for the shout-out. Yes, an admin from Shevchenko U. (#1 school in Ukraine) did send me a PM on this board, saying that the MOU lapsed, ABMS owner threw a tantrum, and they regret ever dealing with him.

    Another active validation agreement from Ukraine is between St. Gregory Nazianzen Orthodox Institute (Puerto Rico) and Carpathian University (Uzhgorod). Now, while St. Greg's is wacky and has all marks of a vanity project, it strikes me as way, way more sincere than ABMS. The respective Rectors of two fine schools look like mirror images of each other, each an Easter Christian clergyperson with an endless list of degrees and titles. In fact, it can be argued that Avgystyn Voloshyn Carpathian University is Viktor Bed's vanity project - but a SUCCESSFUL one, seeing how it IS a fully-accredited (if tiny) school. Both Rectors are legitimate clergy (Fr. Dr.x5 Count Andrew has a small parish in Puerto Rico, "Orthodox in union with Old Rome" - so Eastern Catholic; Bp. Dr.x6 Viknor is a Bishop in the new Orthodox Church of Ukraine, with a small diocese of several parishes). Fr. Andrew is doctorally-qualified in 3 different professions (Counselling, Theology, ESL/Applied Linguistics), Bp. Viktor - in 2 (Theology and Law, also Master degrees in Finance and Psychology). Fr. Andrew collects noble titles from deposed Houses; Bp. Viktor on the other hand collects memberships in various Ukrainian societies and was a one-term Member of Parliament (also, a business owner, lawyer, and journalist). People with so much in common simply must make their partnership work!

    They have one faculty member with a Doctorate awarded in the partnership. I wonder what employers will think about a resume line like this:

    D.Sc. (in Eastern Christian Studies Program—Specialization in Eastern [Orthodox-Catholic] Spirituality), St. Gregory Nazianzen Institute via Collaborative Agreement with Uzhgorod Theological Academy at Avgustyn Voloshyn Carpathian University, UA
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  20. Johann

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    "Well, it doesn't say he can't sell used cars, Augie ... Spirituality - maybe he can persuade people. I say, let's give the guy a two-week trial, see how he does." :)

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