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    I disagree. You might want to read the following:
    Information assurance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Even a DISA (mil) using IA:
    Information Assurance Support Environment Home Page

    Top hit for "cyber security"
    "Cyber Security Tips describe and offer advice about common security issues for non-technical computer users"
    Cyber Security Tips

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    Good point! Masters degrees at UMUC are much closer in cost for the out-of-state student to the in-state rate. I should have mentioned I was talking solely about bachelor's degrees.
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    It's Cybersecurity, all one word. DHS has a division called Cybersecurity. Obama named Howard Schmidt the new "cybersecurity czar."

    I was on the panel in San Antonio, in April, for their Cybersecurity Summit. It was attended by many security professionals, who all termed things cybersecurity, including Walter Schmidt who was also in attendance.

    I attended the East West Institute Cybersecurity Summit, which brought together "cybersecurity" professionals from all over the world and included keynotes from: John Stewart (CSO of Cisco), Bruce Schneier and Esther Dyson, among many other security experts.

    It's okay if you don't like the terminology, but don't dismiss it. The terminology seems to change all the time, especially if you have been in the business for a number of years. Some terms used; not an all-inclusive list:
    Network Security
    Information Security
    Information Assurance
    Digital Security
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    I never said the term was not popular. This discussion highlights one of several problems with IA, and that is one of identity.

    You note "The terminology seems to change all the time" and "but don't dismiss it." I never dismissed it, but the fact it changes all the time makes me want to question it. It remind me of other overused and incorrectly used industry terms, but now the industry feels the need to rename itself every 18 - 24 months.

    The list below is deceiving, as network security and information security are under the IA umbrella. Digital and Cyber tend to float a bit more.

    Cyber Security or Cybersecurity? DHS uses Cyber Security :
    DHS | National Cyber Security Division

    And yes, I know John. Good man, great speaker - I last spoke with him on Tuesday (in Vegas); generally known as one of the best.

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    It's interchangeable I would suppose -- it was more of -- it's easier to search it as one word and is quite often used that way.

    IA is the perfect example of changing a name for nothing. I don't know anyone who calls themselves an information assurance specialist. I don't recall seeing jobs for Information Assurance titles that aren't military positions. It was a push by the government (named the military, and I want to say the Air Force) that merged multiple career fields and that's how they coined the name.

    I like the term information security, and I'm okay with cyber security as people generally understand that term much better. It rings better with people. I've met people who think information security is a security guard gig. When you say Cyber Security, people generally understand what you are saying. "Oh, you do stuff with computers?"
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    Even a layman understands that cyber = computer.

    If I use the term information, people think it has something to do with a library or news organization.

    If I use the term assurance, people think it has something to do with quality.

    People also don't know what network security means, either. You end up having to explain that, also. Internet security works (to a lesser extent), as most people have a concept of what the Internet is.

    Cybersecurity or computer security is how I describe it to people.

    I use network security on my resume, but just say cybersecurity or computer security when talking to lay people.

    Information assurance is a popular term with the DoD, but that is about it.

    EDIT: I apologize for the necromancy, but this was an interesting thread.
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    No apologies needed.

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