New Distance Learning Degrees in Cybersecurity

Discussion in 'IT and Computer-Related Degrees' started by nycrican2, May 16, 2010.

  1. nycrican2

    nycrican2 New Member

    These new BS and MS distance learning degree programs at the University of Maryland Univ College looks very interesting:

    Cybersecurity - Spotlight Programs - UMUC

    Anyone applying for admission to these?
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  2. Cyber

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  3. emmzee

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    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    I don't know if the term "Cybersecurity" would good for marketing. Information Security or Information Assurance sounds better. I am sure the curriculum should be the same as Capitol and Johns Hopkins University.
  5. ITJD

    ITJD Active Member

    I agree with this statement considering that most of the major certification authorities and NCSS have standardized on the Information Assurance name and it makes the program look like it pre-dates or is out of touch with them.
  6. lawrenceq

    lawrenceq Member

    I have a old Navy buddy that is in this program and he told me about the name change. Cybersecurity does sound better than Information Assurance.

    Funny thing is I just called him out on trying to say UMUC is the Univeristy of Maryland (Terps).
  7. bishop

    bishop New Member

    The name of a program is not relevant because employers who hire students or professional will know what it means and that is all that really matters.
  8. ITJD

    ITJD Active Member

    The name of a program is relevant because most employers screen resumes through HR and HR at most large employers uses software to screen resumes and CV. If your program is built using industry standard naming conventions it's less likely you're going to be screened out due to the non-standard naming convention.

    Yes, employers who know the field will know what the program is about, you're half right. Global thinking shows a potential gap that mindful applicants to programs will want to avoid. :)

  9. scubasteveiu

    scubasteveiu New Member

    Cybersecurity is sounds like a marketing move. If you look at their available programs they already had something named IA or ISecurity, so they probably elected Cybersecurity to create another marketing vertical.

    In terms of HR, in most cases someone will network via a professional / social organization. The IA crowd is tight-knit.

    That said, it really doesn't matter. I went through something similar when Capitol went from Network Security to Information Assurance.

    Btw - IA is considered the overarching discipline which encompasses Infosec, cyber security, cyber warfare, and network security .....

  10. ITJD

    ITJD Active Member

    Perhaps. if you're working in a field where HR knows anything about security.. I think there's a paradigm difference tween the two of us.
  11. scubasteveiu

    scubasteveiu New Member

    That's just my point, they don't have to know anything about security. After awhile, they are no longer a gatekeeper - you go around them, so to speak.

  12. b4cz28

    b4cz28 New Member

    Their way to proud of their degree's...the price is up there with UoP
  13. b4cz28

    b4cz28 New Member

    UMUC is $499 a hour, that's $1,496 a class not counting books, a $300+ tech fee a sems..etc That’s over $60,000 in student loans for your bachelors degree. Seems a bit high to me.
  14. airtorn

    airtorn Moderator Staff Member

    Compare that price to a private school or nonresident tuition at a different public school.
  15. jaer57

    jaer57 New Member

    I wouldn't recommend UMUC unless you can qualify for the in-state tuition; out-of-state tuition is really high as you found. Are there any similar programs in Texas?
  16. emmzee

    emmzee New Member

  17. nycrican2

    nycrican2 New Member

    I do agree that the total cost of tuition for the BS degree is pretty high however, the total cost is reasonable for the MS degree.

    According to: Fall 2010 — Graduate - Tuition and Fees - UMUC

    The graduate level tuition is $659.00 per credit for out of state residents and
    $ 445.00 per credit for Military Enlisted people regardless of residency. The Masters Degree only requires 36 credits.

    So that is: $23,724 for tuition and $ 16,020 for Military enlisted people.

    Sorry, I do not know of programs in the state of Texas.
  18. nycrican2

    nycrican2 New Member

    I agree that Cybersecurity does sound like a much more relevant and modern name than Information Assurance. The new title fits in better with the new Internet frontier that we all live with today. It is also a better fit for jobs being created by the Federal Homeland Security agency.
  19. ITJD

    ITJD Active Member

    Noted re: your point of view. Core to our paradigm difference is the following: I work in an industry where it's traditional to not go around HR and a firm in particular that you can't go around HR. Hiring takes a long time, so the professional org thing only goes so far.

    In the real world, I agree with your position.
  20. scubasteveiu

    scubasteveiu New Member

    At a high level, what might that be? I've been around a bit and have not encountered that situation. In all cases you still have to apply and go through the HR process; however, you are recommended and are therefore are passed through (not just a number) without running the risk of ending up in a pile. Again, this is accomplished, in part, by being recommended by someone. I've had this happen in defense, finance, and healthcare.


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