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    Yes, I think it did matter in at least two cases. Back when Thomas Jefferson still had ABA approval they posted a rather mill-like accreditation statement demonstrating how all their cash cow graduate degrees were just as good as accredited even though they weren't in fact accredited. Why would they do this if it didn't matter?

    Also, I seem to recall that another ABA free standing school, Southwestern Law, applied for then DETC accreditation for its on line LL.M. in Entertainment Law. I don't know what happened to that.
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    If DEAC followed its own guidelines, nothing, because DEAC is an institutional accreditor. It should not accredit a school whose primary purpose is to offer classroom-based instruction. But there was a time under Mike Lambert when DETC did a lot of sketchy things, so who really knows?
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    As it now stands, Southwestern Law claims only ABA approval for its JD programs which, incidentally, include an accelerated 2 calendar year option. Their website still offers the Entertainment Law LL.M. but that degree program seems to be resident unless I'm missing something.
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    Oho! Under "financial aid" the school states that LL.M. students "may be eligible for private student loans"! No other source of funding is mentioned.

    So lack of institutional accreditation does matter it seems!
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    I guess my "does it matter" applies to the use of the degree, not the funding. Interesting distinction, though.
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    There is DEAC accredited school that has ABET accredited degrees.

    University of Arkansas Grantham

    UA Grantham’s cost per credit hour and fees are outlined below.
    Undergrad—$295 per credit hour
    Online tuition rate applies to all undergraduate programs—associate and bachelor’s degrees as well as certificates.
    Graduate—$350 per credit hour
    Online tuition rate applies to all graduate programs—master’s degrees and graduate certificates.
    Heroes—$250 per credit hour
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    Grantham offers a degree in Electronics Engineering Technology, not Electronics Engineering. This distinction will matter in many situations.
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    nosborne48 Well-Known Member vs engineering technology matters in many situations but the BSET holder is eligible to take the Fundamentals of Engineering exam in most states. That would help.

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