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    I dunno. I think most "schools" that would accept this would gladly sell you a "Professorship." Some might throw in a Knighthood. :) Fantasy diplomas generally lead to fantasy degrees. They figure if you buy the diploma, you're an easy touch for serious "degree"-money.
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    I'm 81, so ladders are dangerous. My son sometimes handles them for me. Or his sons, who don't need ladders. They're both 6 ft 3. :)
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    Université Libérale de Paris.

    It would be the perfect wall-hanger for me. :)
    In my teens, I loved studying French and daydreamed (especially in math class) of some day having a degree from a French University, preferably in Paris.

    Nowadays, I love EVERYTHING with a French label. Aspiring Fashionistas HAVE to! :) But still --- nah. I would know the truth --- not worth it. Adieu, mon rêve. (Goodbye, my dream.)
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