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Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by Mac Juli, Aug 20, 2023.

  1. Mac Juli

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  2. Messdiener

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    Interesting find, Mac Juli.

    Now that we've thoroughly researched the ins and outs of degree legalities in Spain, it looks like we have a new project: Portugal.

    It'll be fun for all of us here at DI to figure out what it means for the Ministry of Labor, Solidarity and Social Security of Portugal, the Educational and Training Offer Information and Management System Department, and the Directorate-General for Education and Science Statistics to collectively approve a "Government professional level certificate".
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  3. Rich Douglas

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    I was going to go to the WTF Institute, but they turned me down.

    They're misusing the term "MBA" in a way that could cause even more confusion by people communicating their involvement inaccurately.
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  4. Mac Juli

    Mac Juli Well-Known Member

    Doesn't stand "MBA" for "More Bucks Achieved"?! Oh...
  5. Mac Juli

    Mac Juli Well-Known Member


    I decided to take one for the team and to enroll so you don't have to. I might report on my experience later. If I didn't, I might have been nicked for violating §132a of the German Penal Law. They are a little strict here.

    Best regards,
    Mac Juli
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