MS in Data Science: self-paced, 10 months, under $10k

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    The first 3 courses require no purchased textbook but provide links to free resources. The first course is made up of 6 modules:
    • Intro to Data Science
    • IPython
    • NumPy
    • Pandas
    • Matplotlib + Seaborn
    They use a series of professor-recorded videos with embedded quizzes and an exam at the end of each module. It's not proctored (yet) but the syllabus provides the option for them to implement proctoring. You must score 80% or higher on the previous quiz(zes) to be eligible to write the next one, and you can repeat them until you get 100. There are assignments required at different points in the course, and you only get one shot at those.

    The video lectures are short (10-20 minutes each) and total about 2 hours per module, I haven't gotten to a quiz yet. You have until the end of the semester to submit (so in this case Feb 28). The content included here looks like most of my DataCamp Data Analyst with Python course I took (with the exception of basic stats which is covered in the next course.) In the first module is an introduction to Google Colab which I'd never heard of, but allows you to offload your processing to Google servers, and otherwise is identical to Jupyter notebooks if you're at all familiar with those.
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    Thanks, that's interesting. It sounds similar to taking a course on Coursera or one of the other MOOCs since it's self-paced and exams and quizzes are embedded. Do you have to do any projects with other students or post in discussion boards? I've never heard of Google Colab either but I will check it out. Is there any interaction with the professor or do you only contact him/her if you have a question?
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    Discussion boards are pervasive. There is a parent MSDS "course" with a discussion board for the whole program. Each module has a discussion board (e.g. NumPy discussion board for questions about that module.) Each course has an overall course discussion board. And there is an Eastern University discord, unsanctioned but promoted by the professors (and run by students.) Discussion posts are optional but if you provide 10 substantive replies to content-related questions, you're eligible for a 2.5% boost to your letter grade.

    There are 2 capstone courses, an Ethics in Data Science project where you develop a proposal and learn about how to do ethical data science projects (this is the second-to-last course) and a capstone where you develop your proposal into an actual project. You can collaborate and study with each other throughout the program but don't have to. The capstone can be done in groups but doesn't have to be.

    There are 2 Graduate Assistants in each course who got an A in the course previously and have strong communication skills. In exchange for being a GA in a course, they get a tuition rebate for another course. They answer questions on the discussion boards, and the Professors make themselves available via email generally. The course materials are all recorded lectures by the professor, so in that way there is some interaction, but generally you contact them if you have questions.

    All in all, they're very flexible.
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    Here's what the lectures look like. They're all recorded, and they use Jupyter to show you the code, talk about it and then show you immediately how the output changes. I really like the format.

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