MS "Cybersecurity" Programs?

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  1. Shanker Karra

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    Need more info on how you are able to complete WGU's MS-ISA

    Could you please elaborate more on how you were able to get your MS-ISA in 3 Months. The reason, I am asking is to understand your background and see if I can pursue in your footsteps.

    I am basically from India, with 18 Yrs Exp in IT( Progressively moved from Development to Management). At present in US and I am thinking to pursue my Master's in ISA. I still need to complete my Educational Evaluation / TOEFL / GRE.

    I went through WGU's site and most of the time I am getting confused and thought of taking help from others.

    Shanker Karra
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    i think certificate ?
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    Let me fork this thread just a bit - any PhD in Cybersecurity or digital forensics?

    I have a list from Ponemon Institute for 2014, but I am not sure it is of much value.

    I am aware of University of Rhode Island, University of Maryland.

    Any PhD in these fields online, by publication?
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    These aren't by publication.
    Online - Information Assurance & Cybersecurity-Doctorate Degrees & Graduate Programs
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    Thanks. It is a start.
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    Looked at the curriculum and lots of buzz words but the course objectives appear to be light.

    warfare - "[They] keep using that word. I do not think it means what [they] think it means."
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    Could you share info on your Bachelor's institution, as well as the certs and any tests4credits you had before you started ?
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  11. trevor1u

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    Could you share info on your Bachelor's institution, as well as the certs and any tests4credits you had before you started ?
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    I was able to get into the following colleges for MS in Cyber-security/Information Assurance in their onsite program:-

    1.University of Washington Cyber-security Program Bothell Campus
    2.Northeastern University Information Assurance Program Boston Campus
    3.Delft University of Technology 4TU Cyber-security Program,Netherlands

    I would be an international student and would like to look for a job after my MS,hence the reason for selecting onsite instead of online.

    I am having a hard time deciding between colleges 1 & 2 because of the mixed reviews.

    List of Top Cyber Security Schools and Colleges in the U.S.

    Top 10 Universities for Cybersecurity | DSST | Get College Credit

    So, you want a Masters Degree in cybersecurity? | CSO Online

    I have no clue about college 3 other than the fact that it ranks 50 in QS top universities for Computer Science for the past 3-4 years.

    I would like your help in this matter.

    Note:- Please do not tell me to apply to other colleges other than the above mentioned.
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    I feel the need to point out the obvious, that this is a distance learning discussion forum and so asking about on-campus programs is a bit of a stretch. Despite that I'm sure people will offer opinions. Also, this is a strongly US-centric board and so no one is going to be able to speak about Delft with any degree of authority. Having said that I'll offer these two points. 1) where you plan to live/work after the degree is a factor. If you'll be in the US then a US degree should get the edge. 2) assuming that all three are roughly equivalent in training, prestige, etc. I'd let cost be a deciding factor if one costs substantially less. There's no point in paying more if you're not getting more. Beyond that I will only say that I hope your life becomes a bit less hellish.
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    Thanks mate!!
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    Yes cyber security played a vital role in today scenario nowdays the internet were widely used in almost every industry..So it is an good option to choose cybersecurity.
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    New here

    Guys am new here and wanna know whats going on

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